Friday, November 19, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #203

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: DANIEL SCHORR, age 93, longtime journalist, remembered for a hot scoop: the contents of President Richard Nixon's "enemies list," and was stunned when he got to No. 17 and it said: "Schorr, Daniel, CBS. A real media enemy." Schorr won Emmys for his Watergate coverage, scored the first U.S. TV interview with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev and reported on the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1975, Mr. Schorr reported that the CIA conducted assassinations of foreign leaders. In a White House briefing, an infuriated former CIA director, Richard Helms, publicly labeled him "Killer Schorr," along with unprintable epithets. Schorr leaked to the Village Voice a report on a congressional probe into the CIA in 1976. For this “transgression,” he was fired. Schorr got started in the news business at age 12 when he sold an item to the Bronx Home News about a woman who was killed in a plunge from the apartment building where his family lived. After editing the newspaper at New York's City College, Schorr joined the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He worked stateside in an Army intelligence unit during World War II, and was later sent to the Hague as a correspondent for a New York-based Netherlands news agency. In 1953, Schorr was recruited as one of the "Murrow Boys," Edward R. Murrow's crack group of correspondents at CBS. Two years later, he traveled to Moscow to open CBS's Moscow bureau. After being barred from the Soviet Union as a “provocateur,” Schorr became a roving international correspondent, following Mr. Khrushchev on his 1959 tour of the U.S., interviewing Fidel Castro in Havana, and then being stationed in Germany in time for the Berlin crisis of 1961. He returned to the U.S. in 1966 and covered Great Society programs. He was one of the main contributors to the CBS Reports documentary "Don't Get Sick in America," an early critique of the nation's healthcare system. After helping pioneer broadcast news, Schorr moved to cable, joining CNN as a commentator in 1979. He was slower to adapt to the Internet, but in 2009, Schorr got a Twitter account. He used it to tweet that he had just given up his typewriter for a word processor. Schorr said it made him "terribly nervous" not to work, and despite occasional criticism that he had stayed too long, he provided commentary for NPR's "All Things Considered."

FELINE WELLNESS – billed 'Number One' natural pet mag in North America, provides readers with the info needed to make wise health care choices for animal companions. Holistic spectrum, from physical health issues to emotional and spiritual well being of our animals. Guidelines:

MONTANA OUTDOORS - published by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, advocates the conservation and sustainable use of Montana’s fish, wildlife, parks. Editorial bent is one of skepticism and curiosity. Guidelines:

DRIVE MAGAZINE – publication by Subaru of America, Inc. and distributed to more than 850,000 owners of Subaru vehicles in the US. Each issue includes a variety of feature articles geared toward the interests of Subaru owners. Looking for stories that are timely, appropriately researched, engagingly written, tailored to Drive readers. Proposals are preferred to finished mss submissions. Guidelines:

ALTERNATIVES JOURNAL, Canada - dedicated to in-depth analysis of environmental issues, including ecological, social and economic, combines the learned rigor of an academic journal w/the accessible style and format of a gen’l audience mag. Publishes the best environmental writing that is engaging to read and provides a deeper level of analysis and insight than can be gained from the mainstream press. Invites feature articles, shorter reports, notes, interviews, resource guides, visual images related to article themes, cultural commentary and humor. Guidelines:

LISTEN MAGAZINE - primarily aimed at teenagers, but some younger and many older readers are subscribers as well. Encourages development of good habits and high ideals of physical, social, mental health. It bases its editorial philosophy of primary drug prevention on total abstinence from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. Because it is used extensively in public high school classes, it does not accept articles and stories with overt religious emphasis. Guidelines:

MAKE MAGAZINE - a 'do-it-yourself' technology mag written by makers. Tell us the story behind your project. Projects, Features, Reviews, and Everything Else. If you have an idea for something that doesn't fit in one of the first three areas but is still related to do-it-yourself technology, we'd like to hear about it, too at the Everything Else category. Guidelines:

THE RAVEN CHRONICLES, Canada & US – (online & print) publishes work which reflects the cultural diversity of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and other areas of America. Promotes art, literature and the spoken word for an audience that is hip, literate, funny, informed, and lives in a society that has a multicultural sensibility. Publishes fiction, talk art/spoken word, poetry, essays, reflective articles, reviews, interviews and contemporary art, work that reflects the author's experiences, perceptions and insights. Guidelines:

THE CHELSEA AWARDS for POETRY & FICTION - Deadline: Dec. 15, ANY YEAR. Follow guidelines for each contest. The editors look for overall excellence. Guidelines:

WRITERS DIGEST POETRY AWARDS - Deadline: Dec, 15, 2010. Now accepting entries in the Writer's Digest Poetry Awards. Don't miss your chance to enter the only Writer's Digest competition exclusively for poets! Top prize $500. Guidelines:

L RON HUBBARD'S WRITERS & ILLUSTRATORS OF THE FUTURE CONTEST - Prizes every 3 months: $1000, $750, $500. Annual Grand Prize: $5000. Guidelines: (click on ‘contest rules’)

2010 AMY FOUNDATION WRITING AWARDS – Deadline: Jan 31, 2011. Nonfiction. Designed to recognize creative, skillful writing that presents in a sensitive, thought-provoking manner the biblical position on issues affecting the world today. To be eligible, submitted articles must be published in a secular, non-religious publication and must be reinforced w/at least one passage of scripture. Prizes: $1000-$10,000. Guidelines & Entry Forms:

TOPS OPEN HEART POETRY COMPETITION, Canada - The Ontario Poetry Society. Deadline: Dec. 25, 2010. Entry fee: $5 for the first poem; add’l poems $1 each.
Poems must include at least one of the following Heart themes: Love won, Love lost, Love of family, Love of animals, Love of humanity, Valentine poems, Bonding, Charity, Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Heart health problems, Heart wood, Broken heart, Heartache, Hard hearted, Emotions carried in the heart.. Prize: $100 plus $100 donated to the winner's favorite charity. All winners pub'd in chapbook. Guidelines:

GENRE Definitions - AND other useful info:

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