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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #200

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: DAME BERYL BAINBRIDGE, age 75, maverick, unique and horribly funny, according to her fellow authors. One of the grand dames of the UK's literary scene, Bainbridge was a prolific writer whose short, dark comic novels – which invariably included a streak of tragedy - landed her five shortlistings for the Man Booker prize (and the label of perennial Booker bridesmaid), made her a two-time winner of the Whitbread award and saw her awarded a DBE in 2000. Bainbridge's literary career can be divided neatly in two: her earlier novels, from ‘The Dressmaker and Sweet William’ to Guardian fiction prize winner ‘The Bottle Factory Outing’, drew on her own life – her upbringing in Liverpool, her time working as an actor (including a stint on Coronation Street), her life in Camden in the 1960s. She then began to write historical novels, tackling Scott of the Antarctic in ‘The Birthday Boys’, Samuel Johnson in ‘According to Queeney’ and the voyage of the Titanic in ‘Every Man for Himself’, and died with 18 novels, two collections of short stories and a handful of plays for stage and television to her name. Bainbridge was "putting the finishing touches" to a novel – her 19th – which she had been working on for the last six months when she died, ‘The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress,’ about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

AMERICAN FORESTS MAGAZINE – nat’l mag w/stories and photos about trees, forests, forestry issues, to foster appreciation for trees and forests and to offer a responsible, science-based discussion of the trends, issues, policies, and management of America's forest resources. Seeks to educate, entertain, and enlighten audiences. Guidelines:

enROUTE, Canada – in-flight travel mag, source of relevant, entertaining and thought-provoking info for an on-the-go, global reader. Interested in everything from wine to design and popular science to pop music, celebrates the excitement of travel and, as many travelers’ first introduction to Canada, is proudly Canadian but never parochial about Canadian content. Guidelines:

MINNESOTA CONSERVATION VOLUNTEER - magazine of the Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources looking for features, essays, and reprints relative to Minn. Guidelines:

THE PARIS REVIEW – looking for well-written fiction, essays, poetry in English. Guidelines:

BAJA LIFE MAGAZINE - glossy coffee-table mag devoted to promoting tourism, education and protection of the environment and earth-kind economic development on the Baja peninsula, Recreational Activities, Marine and Desert Ecology, Tourist Interests, The Native People of Baja, Environmental Issues, Historical Figures and Events, Retirement and Living, Cultural and Tradition, Arts and Music and Business and Resort Development. Guidelines:

CANADIAN BIKER MAGAZINE, Canada - offers a uniquely Canadian take on the sport and lifestyle of motorcycling, delivers experiential-style accounts of life on two wheels in our ten provinces and three territories. Motorcycling is about having fun and enjoying life. Guidelines:

EQUUS MAGAZINE - horse health publication for laymen, features articles on health care, behavior, training techniques, veterinary breakthroughs and exercise physiology. Guidelines:

GOLF EVENT – nat’l trade mag, resource for golf outings, events, provides readers w/invaluable insight from industry experts, updates on products,services, destination spotlights, planning tools and much more, from the latest trends in golf to what's hot in food and beverage. Offers specific ideas, tips, resources readers can use to take their events to the next level. Guidelines:



INDIE READER SELECTS (IRS) - a service of, the only source for branded indie books, is the first distribution program to combine the selling power of the independent bookstore with the vast community of self-pub’d authors. Books on IRS are searchable by zip code, author and book category. For further info go to

TO FIND YOUR TITLE or to see if a your new mss title has been overused




ONLINE WORKSHOP: Casablanca w/Humphrey Bogart Nov 1–7, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Storm Front by Jim Butcher Nov 8–14, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Creating Bad Guys and Girls - Nov 15-Dec 19, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Dance w/the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon Nov 15-21, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Weaving Together Characters & Plotting Nov 15 - Dec 5, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Proposal w/Sandra Bullock Nov 22-28, 2010

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #199

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: STEPHEN CANNELL, age 69, Hollywood writer, producer of TV shows like "The A-Team" and "The Rockford Files." Cannell struggled with dyslexia at school, wrote hundreds of episodes for television shows in the 1970s and 1980s and created the character of private investigator Jim Rockford that ran for six years until 1980 and won an Emmy for best drama series. Cannell created or co-created almost 40 TV series including "Baretta," "The Greatest American Hero," "Hardcastle and McCormick," "21 Jump Street," "The A-Team" and "Wiseguy." Cannell acted occasionally, including a regular supporting role as "Dutch" Dixon on his series “Renegade.” He also took a turn in an episode of Silk Stalkings, in which the script called for one character to tell him, "You look just like that writer on TV," to which Cannell's character responds, "I get that all the time." Cannell appeared as himself in the pilot of the ABC show Castle and again in season 2. Along with James Patterson and Michael Connelly, he was one of Castle's poker buddies. (You are missed.)

STANFORD MAGAZINE - published by the Stanford Alumni Association. Every article has some Stanford connection, direct and obvious (a profile of a Stanford faculty member) or indirect and casual (the impact of a technology with Stanford origins), a broad spectrum that includes contemporary research, public policy, higher education, medicine, science and technology, art and entertainment, history, humor and sports. Guidelines:

TIN HOUSE MAGAZINE – themed, accepting submissions for 2011. Stories, poems, essays about the unknown and the unknowable, from quantum physics to the what lies in the depths of the soul, from unexplainable phenomenon to interpersonal mysteries. Guidelines:

THE WRITER MAGAZINE – articles helping professional and aspiring writers w/a straightforward presentation of information, instruction, motivation. 123-year-old mag. Share their experiences, expertise, struggles, successes, suggestions. Mags efforts have been recognized in recent years w/gold and silver medals for Editorial Excellence in Folio magazine's nat’l competition. Guidelines:

JEN MAGAZINE - fashion and lifestyle magazine specifically for LDS teen and young adult women. Articles and stories should be similar to the types found in the popular young women's magazines except that they will be positive, clean, spiritual at times, coming from an LDS point of view and upholding LDS standards. Unless a story or article is unusually age-specific, it should read as if the writer is speaking to an 18-year old. Guidelines:

SAN DIEGO FAMILY MAGAZINE – publishes informative and educational family articles and resources through the entire year. The Editorial and Advertising Planner will give you a glimpse of the hot topics that families are interested in as well as which months the magazine will be cover these topics. Accepts book reviews, articles, business, editorial, teen life, health, etc. Guidelines:

THE YELLOW ROOM, UK - literary mag publishing the best in short stories written 'by women for women'. Seeks 'grown-up stories for grown-up women' from British female short-story writers. May commission non-fiction articles from time to time. Does not accept poetry. Guidelines:

GREEN FUTURES, UK - covers the latest in environmental solutions and sustainable futures. Aims to demonstrate that the pursuit of sustainable development is feasible, practical, profitable and life-enhancing. Readers include politicians, business people, local authorities, campaigners, the media, educators and students. Seeks short, relevant news stories and feature articles on energy, travel, transport, food, health, business, entrepreneurs, finance, cities and the countryside. Guidelines:

SHIPS MONTHLY, UK - covers news and features for shipping enthusiasts. Features articles about all types of craft except yachts, but prefers them to be about 20-21st century vessels. Also considers articles on ports' histories. Articles should be well-researched and factual. Contact page to query:




2011 BOTTLE TREE ONE ACT PLAY COMPETITION FOR WRITERS, Canada - Deadline: Nov. 30, 2010. Entry Fee: $25. First Prize $1000; Second Prize $250; Third Prize $100. One Act Plays of up to 70 minutes may be submitted. Guidelines:

HILLERMAN WRITER’S WEEKEND – Nov. 11-3, 2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, including many panels, as well as private sessions with authors.

Mexican Riviera. Includes panels on editing, marketing, promotion, setting, developing characters, dialogue and pitch sessions.

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Original Idea Nov 1 - 21, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Principles of Good Website Design 4 Writers Nov 7 - 20, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Roman Empire Promotion for Authors - Nov 15 - 21, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Art of Developing Great Conflict - Nov 15 - Dec 18,2010

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #198

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: RONALD NEAME, age 99, nominated for three Oscars, produced and co-wrote acclaimed British films like "Great Expectations," saw Hollywood success as director of "The Poseidon Adventure.” Neame began his career of more than 60 years In 1929 when he worked as a cameraman for Alfred Hitchcock on the first British sound film, 1929's "Blackmail." He was nominated for Oscars with director David Lean as co-writer of 1945's "Brief Encounter" and 1946's "Great Expectations." He went on to direct the acclaimed 1969 film "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" and the critically panned 1972 box office hit "The Poseidon Adventure."

US AIRWAYS MAGAZINE - looking for smart, pithy copy, humor, a light tone, and writers who can deliver short pieces as well as longer stories. Lead features, travel features, photos, adventure. Guidelines:

RIDE TEXAS – award-winning travel mag for motorcyclists. Emphasizes strong photography and a story-telling narrative. Focus is regional, includes Texas and the South Central U.S., but will consider travel topics outside this area. We include all types of motorcycles on back roads, highways and dual-sport rides. Guidelines:

EDUCATION WEEK - readership is made up of school administrators, policymakers, teachers, includes lawmakers, scholars, government officials, business leaders, professionals in fields of health, social services, parents, community advocates, those with an interest in young people and their development. Commentaries should be written on issues that affect K-12 education and are of interest to a broad range of people. Guidelines:

PLANET:THE WELSH INTERNATIONALIST - features the latest stories from Wales on the arts and politics, as well as on environmental and social issues. We believe that Wales can only be fully understood in an international context, so in every issue you will also find informed comment on the global issues of the day. Publishes 1 story and 6-10 poems/issue. Guidelines:

ALBERTA VIEWS, Canada - journalism about the culture, politics and economy of Alberta. Each issue contains three feature articles of approximately 3,000 words on matters of concern to Albertans. Alberta Views is only interested in articles with a strong Alberta focus. Will consider synopses for feature ideas as well as reprints from various media of up to 1000/wds for Eye on Alberta. Guidelines:

BUGLE MAGAZINE - to help educate members about habitat conservation, natural history and wildlife management. We seek to publish an array of conservation articles and essays from a diversity of writers—from wildlife professionals who write well, and professional writers knowledgeable about wildlife and conservation. Guidelines:

GRIPPED, The Climbing Magazine – welcomes submissions from writers, photographers, athletes, coaches and enthusiasts from all climbing disciplines, richly illustrated with superb climbing photography. Guidelines:

RALPH NADING HILL CONTEST, Vermont – Deadline: postmarked Nov. 15 each year. $1,500 cash prize. Co-sponsored by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Life, the contest is open to any student or resident of Vermont. Submit your thoughts on "Vermont, Its People, The Place, Its History, or Its Values" as an essay, short story, play, or poem. Your entry must be 1500 words or less. Guidelines:

2011 FRANCIS MacMANUS SHORT STORY COMPETITION (Ireland) – Deadline: Dec. 31, 2010. A competition for original short stories written specifically for radio, commemorating the life and work of Irish writer, broadcaster Francis MacManus. Open to anyone who was born in Ireland, or is normally resident there. The author of the overall winning story will receive €3,000 with prizes of €2,000 & €1,000 awarded to the second and third prize winners. Guidelines:

2011 LENORE MARSHALL POETRY PRIZE - $25 Entry Fee. Books must be submitted in the year after their publication, which means that books published in 2010 may be submitted for consideration until May 15, 2011. The 2011 contest is open to any book of original poetry, in English, published in the U.S. during 2010 in a standard edition by a living American citizen. A standard edition is 40 pages or more in length and 500 or more copies. Guidelines:

2011 WALT WHITMAN AWARD - $25 Entry Fee. For first-book publication, a cash prize of $5000, and a one-month residency at the Vermont Studio Center to an American who has never before published a book of poetry. The winning manuscript, chosen by an eminent poet, is published by Louisiana State University Press. Submissions for this year's contest will be accepted between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15. Guidelines:




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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #197

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: JOSE SARAMAGO, age 87, Portuguese Nobel Prize-winning novelist (1998), playwright and journalist. Saramago often found himself going against the tide of popular opinion. His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor. His novel “Blindness” which was made into a 2008 movie starring Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore, about the population of an unnamed city struck by a mysterious blindness which is never explained. Society's fragilities come to the fore as a general breakdown of infrastructures ensues. This work introduced many readers to Saramago’s impressive body of work--which included novels, poetry, and short stories. He was also the author of the novels “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ” and “Baltasar and Blimunda.” He opened his 1998 Nobel Prize lecture with these words: "The wisest man I ever knew in my whole life could not read or write." His last book was “Cain,” published in 2009. From the 1980s Saramago was one of Portugal's best-selling contemporary writers and his works have been translated into more than 20 languages.

BOUNDARY WATERS JOURNAL(BWJ) - features articles, articles that help readers enjoy their trips to canoe country. Articles must be informative, entertaining and inspiring. Subjects include detailed wilderness canoe trip journals, fishing how/where to, camping advice, hiking trips, wildlife profiles, history, natural resource issues, fiction, wilderness essays, hunting, winter camping/activities and interesting area people, about wilderness recreation, nature and conservation within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), Quetico Provincial Park and Superior National Forest. Contact page to query:

AUREALIS, Australia - science fiction, fantasy or horror short stories between 2000 and 8000 words. All types of science fiction, fantasy and horror that are of a "speculative" nature will be considered, some w/Australian characterization and background. Guidelines:

RIDDLE FENCE, Newfoundland - accepting poetry for some issues, fiction and creative non-fiction Deadline for each issue. No electronic submissions. Watch for current deadlines and needs. Guidelines:

MAD MAGAZINE - actively looking to expand pool of freelance comedy writers and there's more opportunity to join The Usual Gang Of Idiots than ever. If you have a twisted sense of humor, a peculiar way of looking at the world, or are simply eager to express your immature, strange or just plain silly side, then we want to see your stuff. Guidelines:

EPIC's 2010 WRITING COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS - Deadline: Oct. 20, 2010. Open to Students worldwide, attending public, private, or home schools. Entries may be a story, poem, or essay, written specifically for the contest or as a school assignment for grades 6-8/ages 11 to 14 (Middle School categories) or grades 9-12/ages 15 to18 (High School categories). $100 prize. Guidelines:

2011 CHICKEN HOUSE CHILDREN’S FICTION COMPETITION, UK - Deadline Oct. 29, 2010. No entry fee. Prize is the offer of a worldwide publishing contract w/Chicken House, w/royalty advance of £10,000. The entrant must not have previously published any book in any country, whether fiction or nonfiction. The entry should be suitable for childrens' audience aged between 9 and 16. Picture books and graphic novels will not be accepted and illustrations will not be considered. Guidelines:

DISCOVERING NEW MYSTERIES COMPETITION - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010. No entry fee.
Short Stories, Scriptwriting, Submit mystery plays, short stories, which can be performed or read in under an hour. Categories: outstanding screenplay or teleplay, best work for young adults 12 - 18, best short mystery play (including one-act plays, short screenplays and short stories). $2500 for Best New Work (one prize across all genres). $1000 for Best New Writer. $1500 for Outstanding Screenplay or Teleplay. $500 for Best Work for Young Adults (12 - 18). $500 for Best Short Mystery Play. Guidelines:

2011 ERIC GREGORY TRUST FUND AWARDS, Great Britain - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010 Open to British subjects by birth who reside in the UK and under age 30 as of March 31, 2011. Poetry, verse-drama, or belles letters. Max 30 poems. £24,000 in total prizes, average of £4000 per winning poet. List of ongoing contests:

INTERNATIONAL NEW MYSTERIES COMPETITION (Angie Awards) - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010. No Entry Fee. Short Stories, Novels, Scripts and Screenplays for both adult and youth audiences. BEST NEW WORK, +$2500 prize; MOST PROMISING NEW WRITER, +$1000 prize; OUTSTANDING SCREENPLAY or TELEPLAY, +$1000 prize; BEST WORK FOR YOUNG ADULTS OR CHILDREN, +$500; BEST SHORT MYSTERY (1-Act plays, short screenplay, short story), +$500. Guidelines:

ONCE FALL FICTION CONTEST - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010. Entry Fee: $15. Award: $1000. Guidelines:

DZANC BOOK PRIZE - Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010. Open to all US citizens and residents only. All writers applying must have a literary work-in-progress they can submit for review, and present the judges with a Community Service Program they can facilitate. Such programs may include anything deemed "educational" in relation to writing and much take place in the US. $5000 prize. Guidelines:

MANY VOICES PROJECT LITERARY COMPETITION - Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010. Short Stories, Nonfiction, Poetry. Open to US Citizens. Book length unpublished manuscripts. Poetry prize open to US citizens, prose and genre open only to legal residents of
Minnesota or NYC. $1000 prize and standard book contract.

ARTIST’S MAGAZINE ALL-MEDIA ONLINE COMPETITION - Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010. Entry fee: $15 per slide or image. Compete and Win in 7 Categories! Oil and oil pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel, Mixed media and collage, Graphite, charcoal and colored pencil, Digital Art. Guidelines:

WRITERS DIGEST SHORT STORY POPULAR FICTION CONTEST – Deadline: Nov. 1, 2010. Entry fee $20. Grand Prize-Winner - $2,500 cash, $100 worth of Writer's Digest Books and the 2009 Novel & Short Story Writer's market. All manuscripts must be 4,000 words or fewer. 5 Categories! Romance; Mystery/Crime Fiction; Science Fiction/Fantasy; Thriller/Suspense; Horror. Guidelines:

Deadline: Nov. 13, 2010. Open to any writer, regardless of nationality, who has never been pub'd. Self-pub'd writers may enter, as long as the entry has not itself been self-pub'd. $10,000 advance +publishing contract from Minotaur Books. Guidelines:

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Promotion and Marketing - Nov 1 – 28, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Principles of Good Website Design 4 Writers - Nov 7 – 20, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Twisting History - Nov 8 - 14, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Using Grammar 2 Develop &/or Strengthen - Nov 8 – 21, 2010

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #196

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: RUE McCLANAHAN, age 76, gained fame as the star of two long-running sitcoms, "Maude" and "The Golden Girls." Ms. McClanahan was nominated four times for an Emmy Award for "Golden Girls," winning once. In her latter years, McClanahan returned to the stage. She replaced Carole Shelley as Madame Morrible in the musical Wicked in May 2005, playing the role for eight months, and appeared in a Broadway revival of The Women. She did stints in summer stock and in The Vagina Monologues. She also appeared in productions of Annie, Oklahoma! and The Sound of Music as well as two productions of Nunsense. Early Broadway credits including her 1966 debut The Best Laid Plans; Jimmy Shine, a John Sebastian musical starring Dustin Hoffman; Father's Day; and the David Rabe play Sticks and Bones. In the 1970s, she acted in Neil Simon's California Suite. Off-Broadway shows included Who's Happy Now, for which she won an Obie Award; After-Play; Macbird!; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty; Tonight! In Living Color!; Dark of the Moon; and Dylan. She had a juicy early role on daytime television, playing Caroline Johnson on "Another World" in 1970 and 1971. While taking care of twins Michael and Marianne Randolph, Johnson fell in love with their father, John. To eliminate his inconvenient wife, she began poisoning the twins' mother. Her 2007 memoir was titled "My First Five Husbands...And the Ones Who Got Away."

VARIANT, UK - arts and culture mag, based in Scotland but distributed across the UK and Ireland. Welcomes news, previews, articles, interviews, polemical pieces and artists pages. Guidelines:

AMERICAN PROFILE – stories spotlight people, places and things that make America great. American Artisan, American Roots, Celebrities, Cover story, Hometown Hero, Hometown Spotlight, Incredible Kids, Made in American, My Collection, Odd Jobs, On the Job, Places and Profiles in History. Coverage must have broad national relevance. Also covers family matters, health, gardening, home projects, personal finance. Articles should have a long shelf life. Guidelines:

BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE – country oriented “how to” magazine, How to build your own home, raising animals, food preservation, country skills, home schooling. Guidelines:

MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE – Mississippi interesting people and places, homes, gardens, food, history, culture. Guidelines:

ON-SPEC MAGAZINE – Short stories and poetry, fantasy, horror, ghost stories, fairy stories, magic realism, artwork. Guidelines:

PRACTICAL eCOMMERCE – to help eCommerce merchants grow and prosper with easy-to-follow articles, blogs, podcasts and newsletters, all delivered electronically. Guidelines:

RANGE MAGAZINE – award-winning quarterly devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands, wildlife. Exposes a land in crisis and shows how daily challenges are being met with grit, determination and humor, the leading forum for opposing viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy. Guidelines:

PLANNING MAGAZINE – offers articles, book reviews, news and analyses of events in planning including suburban, rural, and small town planning, environmental planning, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, social planning, and urban design. Guidelines:

9th ANNUAL FUNDS 4 WRITERS ESSAY CONTEST - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010. No entry fee. Open to 18+ for Nonfiction. $50, $30, $20 prizes. Guidelines:

MCKITTERICK PRIZE – Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010. No entry fee. Open to authors over 40, published or unpublished. £4000 prize. Guidelines:

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Deep Point of View - Nov 1 - Dec 6, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Edit As You Go - Nov 1 – 6, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Discovering Your Writing Process - Nov 1 – 14, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Scene & Structure - Nov 1 – 14, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Breaking Things Down Into 3s - Nov 1 – 21, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Heart of Your Story & Conflict - Nov 1 – 21, 2010

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