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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #187

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: MARSHALL LEE, age 89, Writer, Editor, Designer, and Book Publisher. His influential book, BOOKMAKING, was first released in 1965 and its third edition was published in 2004 by Norton. His half-century in publishing included serving as an executive at Harry N. Abrams and Fratelli Fabbri in Italy. Through his own two companies, Balance House, and The International Archive of Art, he created and produced books for major publishers in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE – As the title implies, mysteries. Looking for 12,000/wds or less. Do check mss formatting guide. Guidelines:

ALPINIST MAGAZINE - first-person accounts of long routes from around the world, investigative reports of subjects compelling to climbing aficionados, and documentary pieces that capture the spirit of ascent in any of its myriad forms. Guidelines:

AMERICA - Most, but not all, readers are Catholic. One-third are religious or clergy, but most are laypersons, college educated, two-thirds have graduate degrees, most are not specialists. Write for an audience of alumni and alumnae of your school. Guidelines:

BRAIN, CHILD - mag for thinking mothers, motherhood. Guidelines:

ELLERY QUEEN’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE – needs hard-boiled stories as well as "cozies," but not interested in explicit sex or violence. With the exception of regular book review and blog review columns, EQMM publishes only fiction. Guidelines:

2010 PRESERVATION FOUNDATION CONTESTS – Deadline: Aug 31, 2010. For unpublished nonfiction, general fiction, and travel. 1500/5000/wds, First entry is free, $10-/add’l entry. First prize: $100 in each category. Certificates for runners-up and finalists. Guidelines:

2010 INNERMOONLIT AWARD FOR BEST SHORT-SHORT STORY - Deadline Sept 1, 2010. No entry fee. Entrants must specify that they are entering the Best Short-Short Story Contest and must indicate the number of words in their submission (500/wds/max). URL: Guidelines:

INTERNATIONAL 3-DAY NOVEL CONTEST – Deadline Septa 4-6, 2010. Can you produce a masterwork of fiction in a mere 72 hours? Here is your chance to find out. Outlines are permitted prior to the contest. Guidelines:

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Characterization & Plotting Aug 9-20, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Editing Dialogue 4 Snap, Crackle & Punch! (via Yahoo Groups) Aug 10-17, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Basic Historical Research - Aug 30-Sept 5, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Finding Your Voice - Aug 30-Sept 27, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Conflict Grid, Tool for Success Aug 30-Sept 26, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Novel Perspectives - Sept 2-Oct 4, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Creating Your Own Book Trailer - Sept 5-15, 2010

JUMPSTART YOUR WRITING CAREER (Phoenix location) Sept 11, 2010 Info:

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #186

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: DEDE ALLEN, age 86, film editor whose pioneering work on movies like "The Hustler" and "Bonnie and Clyde" brought a new approach to shaping the look and sound of American movies. Allen became the first film editor to receive sole credit on a movie. She was nominated for Academy Awards for that movie, 1975's "Dog Day Afternoon," "Reds" in 1981 and "Wonder Boys" in 2000. Allen was the first American to embrace European methods of editing by beginning sequences with close-ups or jump cuts and using the sound from the next shot while the previous scene was still playing. Greg S. Faller, professor of film studies at Towson University in Maryland, said "The Hustler" and "Bonnie and Clyde" "must be considered benchmark films in the history of editing." Many of her techniques are now standard in modern filmmaking. Allen edited or co-edited 20 major films over four decades. She began working on television commercials before getting her first big break in the late 1950s editing Robert Wise's "Odds Against Tomorrow." In 1994, Allen received a career achievement award given by American Cinema Editors. In November 2007 she received the Motion Picture Editors Guild's Fellowship and Service Award.

ALASKA AIRLINES MAGAZINE – monthly in-flight mag reaching more than 1.8 million travelers in Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Western Canada and 10 cities in Mexico each month. Recent additions include Denver, Chicago, Boston, NY, Washington, D.C., Miami, Orlando, Hawaii. Mission to inform and entertain a well-educated, sophisticated, affluent audience w/high-quality writing/striking photography. Guidelines:

ALBERTA VIEWS, Canada – about culture, politics, economy of Alberta. Accepts feature ideas as well as reprints from various media of up to 1000/wds for ‘Eye on Alberta’. Guidelines:

BALTIMORE MAGAZINE – focus is on local people, events, trends, ideas. The best way to break into Baltimore is through shorter articles that run before and after features. Guidelines:

THE BARK - about man's best friend, dogs, a literate and entertaining spectrum of dog-centric articles and stories. Commentaries, essays, stories, fiction and well-researched non-fiction will be considered but all work must prominently include dogs. (long response time) Guidelines:

BAY NATURE – quarterly mag dedicated to educating the people of San Francisco Bay Area, celebrating the beauty of the surrounding natural world. Aims to inspire residents to explore and preserve the diverse and unique natural heritage of the region, and of nurturing productive relationships among the many organizations and individuals working towards these same goals. Guidelines:

2010 RWA GATEWAY TO THE BEST CONTEST – for unpublished authors. Deadline Sept. 10, 2010. (submissions accepted beginning Aug. 2) Categories: Contemporary Series; Historical; Paranormal; Single Title/Mainstream Romance; Suspense; Young Adult. Official rules/instructions:

2010 SinC INTO GREAT WRITING - Oct. 13, 1010. Conference being held one day prior to Bouchercon By the Bay in San Francisco. Hyatt Regency. You do not need to be registered for the conference to attend this one day workshop. Sisters in Crime has discounted this workshop for its members. The cost for the entire day including dinner is $50. Charge for non-members is $150 so join Sisters in Crime and save money. Info:

2010 BOUCHERCON BY THE BAY - To make reservations for Bouchercon go to


ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Selling Query Letter & Synopsis - Aug 16 - 30

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Problem Words, Phrases & Punctuation Aug 16 - 29

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Going to the Dark Side: Paranormal Types - Aug 16 - 27

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Developing an Active Voice Aug 23 - 30

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Friday, July 16, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #185

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: MARSHALL LEE, age 89, Writer, Editor, Designer, and Book Publisher. His influential book, BOOKMAKING, was first released in 1965 and its third edition was published in 2004 by Norton. His half-century in publishing included serving as an executive at Harry N. Abrams and Fratelli Fabbri in Italy. Through his own two companies, Balance House, and The International Archive of Art, he created and produced books for major publishers in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

MENNONITE BRETHREN HERALD - periodical of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Mennonite Religion and Lifestyle, Poetry. Guidelines:

AIR & SPACE - general interest mag about flight, purpose is to enlighten and entertain, goal to show readers, both the knowledgeable and novice, facets of the enterprise of flight they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. Guidelines:

ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION – publishes science fiction stories (4000/wds) where some aspect of future science or technology is integral to the plot. The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn't be human) doing believable things–no matter how fantastic the background might be. Guidelines:

AKRON LIFE & LEISURE (Ohio) – lifestyles publication committed to providing information that enhances and enriches the experience of living in or visiting Akron and the surrounding region of Summit, Portage, Medina and Stark Counties. Issue profiles interesting places, personalities, events in the arts, sports, entertainment, business, politics, social scene. We cover issues important to the Greater Akron area and significant trends affecting the lives of those who live here. Also offers timely tips on fashion, retail shopping in the area, terrific places to dine, and vacation destinations worth the trip. Our calendar of events is a lively guide to the arts, culture, leisure and entertainment in the area. Contact page:

BACKPACKER MAGAZINE – written for knowledgeable, experienced backpackers, accepts only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories w/style, depth, emotional impact, take-away value for the reader. Guidelines:

BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE – country oriented “how to” mag that specializes in showing people how to build their own home, produce independent energy, grow their own food, how to make a living without being tied to a city. Also covers related subjects such as health, raising animals, food preservation, country skills, home schooling, arts/crafts, recipes, and book reviews. Guidelines:

BAJA LIFE MAGAZINE – glossy, coffee-table mag devoted to promoting tourism, education, protection of the environment, earth-kind economic development on the Baja peninsula. Contributors should have a strong basic understanding of their subject matter. Subjects: Recreational Activities, Marine and Desert Ecology, Tourist Interests, The Native People of Baja, Environmental Issues, Historical Figures and Events, Retirement, Living, Cultural and Tradition, Arts and Music, Business and Resort Development. Guidelines:

33RD INTERNATIONAL 3-DAY NOVEL CONTEST – Deadline Sept. 4 - 6, 2010. Outlines are permitted prior to the contest. Guidelines:

GLOSA POEM COMPETITION, Canada – Deadline: Sept. 30, 2010. Entry fee: $5.

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Motivation & Conflict Aug 1 – 29

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Show and Tell Aug 2 – 30

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Polishing Your Sample Pages - Aug 2 - 15

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Active vs. Passive Voice - Aug 3 - 31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Creating Your Own Book Trailer - Aug 7 - 21

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing for Teens - Aug 8 - 21

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Edit As You Go Aug 9 - 15

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing Basics Aug 9 - Sept 5

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Word Choice Workout Presented – Aug 9 – 15

WELCOME NEW LINK: Daniel Audet Journal

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #184

REASON TO KEEP WRITING - PATRICIA WRIGHTSON, age 88, internationally acclaimed Australian childrens author who attracted praise - and then criticism - for entwining Aboriginal mythology into her writing. In 1986, Wrightson was awarded the biennial Hans Christian Andersen Medal - the highest accolade for a writer of childrens fiction - given by the Swiss-based International Board on Books for Young People for an author's body of work. "She was trying to create a kind of pan Australia - a whole new Australian mythology which was part non-indigenous and part indigenous," said Macleod, who edited three of her books in the 1990s. She wrote the first of her 27 books, "The Crooked Snake," by watching her childrens reaction to pages read by her father as soon as they were typed. Her books have been published in 16 languages.

MIDWEST HOME & GARDEN – features stories on beautiful and functional spaces inside and outside Minnesota homes. Looking for examples of fine design in area homes, remodels, rooms, landscapes, gardens. Encourages freelancers to contact w/story ideas about stylish homes, outstanding or unusual gardens, current shelter issues, design trends, entertaining, and gardening ideas. Guidelines:

ST. ANTHONY MESSENGER - Catholic Church; Marriage, Family/Parenting; Social; Inspiration; some Poetry. Majority of readers age 40-70. Also publishes books: seek mss that educate and inspire adult Catholic Christians, identify trends surfacing in the Catholic world & helps Catholics and those who want to be Catholic understand their faith better. Guidelines:

ISLAND – seeks nonfiction market, short stories, poetry, extracts from novels, articles and essays topics of social, culture interest. Guidelines:

GEIST, Canada - mag is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and off­beat. Looking for short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, reviews, little-known facts of interest, cartography, and the legendary Geist cross­word puzzle. Guidelines:

ADVISOR TODAY - Life insurance & financial planning mag seeks nonfiction, columns/depts, ideas or techniques the reader can immediately implement in their businesses. Stories should spell out the strategies and methods that work best for the author, rather than give a general description of them. Writers are encouraged to use several examples and case histories when writing sales stories. See Editorial Calendar for 2010. Guidelines:

AGNI online MAGAZINE – founded in 1972 at Antioch College by undergraduate Askold Melnyczuk, a then-aspiring (now accomplished) writer w/his own vision of a vehicle for alternative news, visual arts, and literature. Melnyczuk was interested in creating a mag that would feature a new generation of writers and visual artists. Publishes fiction, poetry, essays between Sept. 1st - May 31st any year. Guidelines:

AMERICAN STYLE - consumer mag focused on contemporary craft, craft collectors, the artists who create studio craft art, seeks nonfiction, columns/depts, photos/artwork relating to Arts travel, profiles of contemporary craft collectors, established studio artists. Contact page for query:

2010 WRANGLING W/WRITING CONFERENCE – Sept 24-26, 2010. Polish those manuscript proposals and bring along your passion for writing, no matter what the genre. Join fellow writers, agents, editors, and an international faculty line-up, for two days of keynotes, workshops, agent pitch sessions, and book signings at the beautiful Tucson Radisson Hotel and Conference Center. This year’s conference promises to be the very best ever. Info and registration:

ALLWORTH PRESS - Book publisher. Subjects: business, self-help books for artists, designers, photographers, writers, film & performing artists. Guidelines:

BALCONY PRESS – book publisher, interested in mss on art, architecture and design topics. Books normally take a historic or cultural slant as opposed to technical, biographical or how-to. Guidelines:

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2010 WRANGLING W/WRITING CONFERENCE –Sept 24-26, Info & registration:

ONLINE WORKSHOP: 10 Commandments of Grammar 4 Fiction Writers - July 26 - Aug 8

ONLINE WRKSHP: From Sabers 2 Winchesters: Arming Your Historical Hero - July 26 - Aug 1

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Life in a Medieval Castle - Aug 2 - Sept 11

ONLINE WORKSHOP: A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter - Aug 2 - Sept 5

ONLINE WORKSHIP: How Goal, Motivation, Conflict, Disaster Factor in - Aug 2 - 30

ONLINE WORKSHOP: 3 Secrets to Creating Dynamic Dialogue - Aug 2 - 8

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Self-Editing 4 Pub/d & Unpub’d Authors - Aug 2 - 16

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Undercover Ops for Writers - Aug 2 - 29

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Friday, July 2, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #183

REASON TO KEEP WRITING - SID FLEISCHMAN, age 90, children’s author, Newbery Award-winning author who never set out to write for children but flung himself into the field on a dare. Fleischman’s work was praised by critics for its sly humor, carefully controlled suspense and dexterous sleights-of-hand, characteristics that served him well in his previous careers as a magician, Hollywood screenwriter and novelist for adults. In childhood he taught himself sleight-of-hand from books. By the time he was a teenager, he was touring the country with vaudeville acts with names like Mr. Arthur Bull’s Francisco Spook Show. Over time Mr. Fleischman compiled a handbook of magic tricks, “Between Cocktails,” published by the Abbott Magic Company when he was 19. While at San Diego State College, he began selling short stories to magazines. In the late 1940s Fleischman began writing suspense novels for adults. His first screenplay was “Blood Alley,” an adaptation of his 1955 novel. Fleischman’s other screenwriting credits include “Lafayette Escadrille” (1958, from a story by its director, Mr. Wellman) and “The Deadly Companions” (1961), an adaptation of “Yellowleg” directed by Sam Peckinpah. Besides his son, Paul, whose Newbery Award-winning book is “Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices” (1988). “Mr. Mysterious & Company” (1962), was the first of his dozens of children’s books. A few years later, he knew he had arrived. Signing books at his local library one day, he looked up to see his younger daughter, Anne, standing in line, waiting for his autograph.

ADDICUS BOOKS – a publisher to consider for consumer health, self-help, psychology, business, economics, investing, and books of regional interest, true crime. Guidelines:

ADDitude MAGZINE – open to submissions for first-person articles by parents, employers, teachers, etc. who have personal experience w/ADHD or LD and whose insights might be helpful to ADDitude's readers. Guidelines:

ADIRONDACK LIFE - addresses the unique natural and social aspects of New York State's Adirondack Park, and gives those concerns local and national exposure, history, culture, recreation, wildlife and personalities of the area. See submission deadlines. Guidelines:

NEW CITY CHICAGO – looking for timely, mag-style stories about Chicago, about its culture both high and low, or about almost any topic of interest to the urban dweller. Likes stories about politics, the arts, virtually all aspects of social affairs and social policy. We love a sense of humor; "we want our readers to have fun with us." Guidelines:

NORTH WEST REGIONAL MAGAZINES – publishes Northwest Travel and Oregon Coast, bimonthly family-oriented magazines, features stories of regional interest. Insists on accuracy in details, history, background essential. Include brief information, if applicable, that allows and motivates readers to follow in your footsteps: how to get to a featured destination, nearby places of interest or accommodations, opening and closing times of attractions, and how to obtain additional information. Guidelines:

APEX MAGAZINE - sci-fi, horror, dark sci-fi, unvarnished awesomeness. We want the stories it scared you to write. We want stories full of marrow and passion, stories that are twisted, strange, and beautiful. We want science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of all three—the dark, weird stuff down at the bottom of your little literary heart. Guidelines:

THE SOUTHERN REVIEW - publishes fiction, poetry, critical essays, interviews, book reviews, and excerpts from novels in progress, with emphasis on contemporary literature in the United States and abroad. Poems and fiction are selected with careful attention to craftsmanship and technique and to the seriousness of the subject matter. Reads submissions September 1 through June 1, any year. Guidelines:

GLIMMER TRAIN STANDARD SHORT FICTION CONTEST - Deadlines: July 1-30, 2010. No entry fee. 12,000/wds/max. Online submissions preferred. No children's stories. $700, publication in Glimmer Train Stories, and 10 copies of that issue. Guidelines:

EPIC's 2011 WRITING COMPETITION FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL - accepting entries beginning Aug. 1, 2010. Guidelines:

MEMOIRS INK ANNUAL PERSONAL ESSAY CONTEST - Deadline: Aug. 14, 2010. Entry fee: US$15. Entries of memoirs, personal essays, and creative non-fiction stories are invited. Any topic. Length: 3000 words max. First prize: US$1000. Guidelines:

MEMOIR JOURNAL PRIZES FOR PROSE & POETRY -Deadline: Aug. 15, 2010. No entry fee. Grand prize $500. Traditional & experimental prose, poetry, graphic memoir, narrative photography, lies, more, can be biography, autobiography, autobiographical fiction, flash memoir, essay, reportage, diary, etc. Guidelines:

DALLAS WEBCOMICS EXPO – Aug. 21, 2010. 11am to 6pm. Admission: $5. Location: The Southfork Hotel, Plano, Texas, Central Expressway (Highway 75) at the 15th St. Exit. Info:

AESTHETICA CREATIVE WORKS COMPETITION, UK - Deadline: Aug. 31, 2010. Entry Fee: £10. Three categories, Artwork, Poetry and Fiction. Award: £500;

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