Saturday, August 29, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #143

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - REX HARRISON, age 82, English Academy Award and Tony Award-winning theatre and film actor, continued to act on Broadway until the very end, in ‘The Circle’ by W. Somerset Maugham, opposite Glynis Johns and Stewart Granger.

WRITER 2 WRITER - for writers who want to write every day &earn every day.


GIBBONS STAMP MONTHLY, UK - Britain's biggest-selling philatelic publication monthly, seeks features on stamp-collecting, philatelic-related news items, exhibitions, sales, new issues etc. 500-3000 wds. Negotiable rates depending on length & interest. Guidelines:

CHAPMAN, UK - literary mag published 3 times a year, "controversial, influential, outspoken and intelligent." Seeks poetry, short stories, fiction, reviews, criticism and articles on Scottish culture. Accepts illustrations, line drawings, half-tones, cartoons. Fiction, any length. Prose/critical articles, 3000wds max. Poetry, send 4 to 10 poems (one to pg). GBP8 per published page. Illustration rates by negotiation. Guidelines:

BACKSPACE - 'writers helping writers' runs articles offering writing advice from published authors and articles from publishing agents. URL:

DEVELOPMENT HELL - resource for all screenwriters. Carries screenwriting news, articles and offers 2 levels of membership: free and premium paid-for service. URL:

BLACK ON WHITE - great site, enables writers to overcome whatever it is that's stopping them from writing. URL:

DAY SPRING CARDS – publishes religious greeting cards. $60/card. Guidelines:

FREEDOM GREETING CARD COMPANY - will consider all material. Pay negotiable. Guidelines:

WESTERN NEW YORK FAMILY MAGAZINE - current parenting issues w/a Western NY tie-in. Strong emphasis is placed on how and where to find family-oriented events, as well as goods and services for children in Western New York. Each issue has an "Up Front" focus article with appropriate sidebars, as well as additional articles, regular columns (books, family travel, "Simple Pleasures," single parenting, restaurant reviews) and a centerfold calendar of events of interest to growing families. $35-200. Guidelines: Read carefully.

EASY STREET - Lifestyle Magazine of Aiken, South Carolina, a high quality, glossy city/regional mag published quarterly by Palmetto Publications. Covers a mix of business profiles, the arts, latest happenings, fine dining, wines, outdoor recreation, sports, travel. Wants writers w/a good knowledge of their subject. $100-150. All rights. Guidelines:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #142

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - BO DIDDLEY, age 79, a founding father of rock 'n' roll whose distinctive "shave and a haircut, two bits" rhythm and innovative guitar effects inspired legions of other musicians. He was still touring until a few months before his death. Diddley's Chess recordings stand among the best singular recordings of the 20th century. "Seventy ain't nothing but a damn number," he told The Associated Press in 1999.


REVIEW COPIES, if bk release is Nov or Dec, don’t mail review cops til 1ST of yr. They could wind up Xmas GIFTS by unscrupulous reviewers.

WRITER'S PORTAL - boost your wd power &discover new reference mat’ls. Freelance writing market given daily URL:

POULTRY WORLD, UK - monthly journal covers all poultry-related matters. Focuses on large scale production and processing of poultry and eggs, covering interests of niche markets and hobbyists. Accepts news items, articles for the Business and News sections. Sidebars required. News items up to 250 words. Articles 5-700 words. Rates negotiable. Guidelines: On app. to editor. There is also an enquiry form to use. URL: Query link:

FT. MYERS MAGAZINE - bi-monthly mag focusing on local and national arts & lifestyles, distributed free at more than 250 locations throughout Lee and Collier Counties in Southwest Florida. FT.Myers magazine is targeted at educated, active, creative and successful residents of Southwest Florida, ages 20-75 years old, as well as guests at the best hotels and resorts on the Gulf Coast. $50/200 for articles. Guidelines:

The WAHM MAGAZINE - content-driven digital mag for work-at-home parents. Accepts pieces for our dept features sections that are up to 3000 wds long. Photographs are also accepted when part of the article. We also like to see sidebars for longer articles. $35-350. Guidelines:

NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION MAGAZINE - Features run 1000-1200 wds and range $350-550. Depts run 500 -1000 wds and range $250-350. Several sections to contribute to, accepts photos. Purchases both First North American Serial Rights for print and for electronic usage on which includes digital version of the magazine. Guidelines:

PAINTING MAGAZINE - dedicated to the acrylic painting enthusiast. Articles are 600-1000 wds or 300-350 words for Last Stroke. See editorial calendar. Accepts photos. Guidelines:

SHOTGUN SPORT MAGAZINE – Americas leading shotgun magazine. Contact form and guideline link:

SKYLIGHTS MAGAZINE – inflight mag for Spirit Airways. Our stories offer quick and practical information on where travelers are going, what’s doing once they get there, where they can eat, sleep, play, buy, relax. We present who and what they’re talking about, names, faces, music, movies, books, gadgets, fashion—in chatty, culture-current language. Our voice reflects a youthful sassy edge that informs, amuses and delights our wide-ranging readership. Guidelines:

Friday, August 14, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #141

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - QUENTIN CRISP, age 90, flamboyant writer and gay campaigner was expected to begin a new run of his long-running one-man show, before touring five other British cities with "An Evening with Quentin Crisp," a few days before he died.

WEB WRITING – Web Tips that work:

CRAFT of SONGWRITING - Articles, resources and a chat room for all would-be songwriters.


CLEAN RUN MAGAZINE - educational and engaging feature articles covering the entire range of issues pertaining to the training of dogs for agility, competing in our sport, the conduct of training classes and agility events, & the health and safety of our agility dogs. Clean Run provides a forum in which you can share your experiences and expertise with over 11,000 agility enthusiasts of all ability levels worldwide. $75 - 300. Guidelines:


INSCRIBE/ FELLOW SCRIPT, Canada - one of Canada’s largest organizations for Christians who write. It is a 28-44 page mag-style newsletter published 4 times annually for members, w/special “Fall Conference / Fall Contest” flyer mailed in early summer. Nonfiction: Feature articles: 600–1200/wds. Book and Market reviews: 150–300/wds, reviews that explore only material of particular relevance to Christian writers or that inform writers of new markets for their work, or that provide information about changes in markets. Fillers & tips: 25–300/wds. Guidelines:

BOOK of HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT - 1856 (for your historical writing research) URL:

MOMMY - If you write about attachment parenting or natural mothering, For most articles, we pay $25 per article, for 30 day exclusive electronic rights, or $50 for 90 day exclusive electronic rights. We may pay up to 10cts/wd for extra special articles. Articles should be 750-2500/wds in length (though this is a flexible guideline). Email your material in the body of an email to Writers at Guidelines:

RIVER STYX - Seeks nonfiction, fiction, photos/artwork. Subjects: Literary, Poetry Pays on publication. Guidelines:

WRITTEN BY - Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments. Subjects: Screen and television writing, interviews. (Guidelines are being rewritten, so this to contact link.

PROFESSIONAL MARINER - Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork. Subjects: professional seamanship, maritime industry news, regulations, towing, piloting, technology. Contact page to query:

AUTHORS DRESS DOWN THEIR HEROS & HEROINES – financial climate even affects our characters.

DRAMATICS - is the Educational Theatre Association’s magazine for theatre students & teachers. Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork. Subjects: Educational theatre for high schoolers, blocking, costume design, set construction, news, plays. Guidelines:

TOM HOWARD/JOHN H. REID POETRY CONTEST – 15 cash prizes totaling $5350. Info:

5 TO 7 EDUCATOR, UK - monthly mag publishing practical & professional articles for teachers of Key Stage 1 education in UK. Seeks submissions covering all aspects of teaching this grade, such as practical activities that are fresh and imaginative, time-saving techniques, resources, and professional articles. Has different sets of guidelines for authors, depending on the type of article. Professional articles: 1200-1500/wds. Practical activities: 400/wds/activity, together w/illustrations (photograph or drawn). Full global rights. Guidelines:

EARTH ISLAND JOURNAL - quarterly, award-winning publication of the Earth Island Institute. Combines investigative journalism w/thought-provoking essays. Seeks stories that anticipate environmental concerns before they become pressing problems. Prefers stories that focus on individuals & communities who are successfully defending & restoring the Earth. On-the-ground reports from outside North America are especially welcomed. Also requires photographs. 1200/3000/wds. Prefers writers query before submitting. Editorial calendar of upcoming issues available online. Send queries/submissions by e-mail or postal mail. $0.20/wd. Guidelines:


Friday, August 7, 2009


MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING – FRED ROGERS, age 74, venerated public TV series "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" still airs. He believed when it came to being a parent, "the best gift you can give is your honest self."

FOOD TIMELINE - going all the way back to 10,000 BC


MANUSCRIPTS - Ideas for preparing flawless manuscripts w/free downloadable tips:

THE MELOY FUND FOR DESERT WRITERS - Something 2 keep in mind for 2010. Grants are $2000. Info:

SHORT STORY WRITERS - up to 10,000 words wanted for online anthology: Pays $50 per story accepted.

TRAVELERS TALES - looking for personal, nonfiction stories and anecdotes, funny, illuminating, adventurous, frightening, or grim. Stories should reflect unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result. $100 honorarium for stories, plus authors receive a free copy of the book in which their work appears. Guidelines:

UNITED FEATURES - United Media develops and markets 150 comic strips and editorial features worldwide, including Peanuts, Dilbert, For Better or For Worse, Get Fuzzy, Miss Manners and Nat Hentoff, through United Feature Syndicate and Newspaper Enterprise Association. (Scroll down to Submission Guidelines)

VOICES ACROSS BOUNDARIES - multi-faith publication, offers essays, fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction to readers w/general interest in exploring current events within the context of their, and others’ faith. $75-600 [US$56-450] depending on length. Check editorial calendar. Guidelines:


LINCOLNSHIRE LIFE, UK - monthly, glossy, full-color magazine, founded in 1961 and dealing with the culture, history, personalities, activities, events and life in the UK county of Lincolnshire. Also seeks high-quality photographs to illustrate articles, or to feature on front cover. 800-1600/wds. GBP25/printed page. GBP50 for cover photo, lower rates for photos used inside. Query form, click on Editorial:

IMPORTANT ARTICLE - Hackers expose weakness in visiting trusted sites

SEDONA BOOK FESTIVAL - October 2-3, 2009. Sedona, Arizona

HERIZONS, Canada - feminist philosophy that is diverse & relevant to women's daily lives, health issues, social & political issues, environmental, equality, justice, spiritual; parenting and all issues. $55-$750. Herizons is a non-profit organization based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Guidelines:

FALL FICTION CONTEST - Deadline: Oct. 31, 2009. Entry fee: $15. Sponsored by Award: $1000. Guidelines: