Saturday, September 26, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #147

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - FRANK LAUTENBERG, age 84, U.S. Senator, the chamber's third-oldest member, author of many bills, easily won nomination for a new term in June, 2008, over a challenger who sought to make an issue of his age. "If you count on vigor, vitality and effectiveness, I think I rank pretty high," he said.

ABCs CHILDRENS PICTURE BOOK - Competition Launches 6th Year on Sept. 20, 2009. Deadline for Entries: Jan. 31, 2010. If you write for children, this is your opportunity to become the published author of a picture book.

2010 WILLIAM SAROYAN INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR WRITING - via Stanford, nonfiction and fiction, $5000 prize. Entry form:

Georgetown Public Library, 402 W. 8th Street, Georgetown, TX 78626 Info:

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL - Oct. 31 thru Nov. 1, 2009. Info:

HIDDEN EUROPE, Germany - travel mag, does not cover famous destinations, glitz and gloss of posh hotels or finest restaurants. Publishes articles about everyday Europe that give a wide and balanced understanding of how a place and its people function. 1500/ relevant images (free of any copyright restriction) as high-resolution TIF or non-compressed JPG images, at least 2300X1700 pixels. Rates negotiable EUR150-250. First print publication rights. Copyright remains with the author. Guidelines:


BIRDS ILLUSTRATED, UK - quarterly, subscription-based mag published in Feb., May, Aug. & Oct. Covers all aspects of birdlife, birding, wildlife art and photography. Articles: studies of individual species or bird families; profiles of bird artists and photographers; articles on birding areas in Britain and popular overseas locations; ornithological history. Seeks images that are excellent in aesthetic terms, or which show unusual bird behavior, illustrated articles. Up to 2500/wds. Paying market, rates by agreement. Guidelines bottom of page:

EPIC's 2010 WRITING COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS - Deadline: Oct. 20, 2009. Young Open to Students worldwide, attending public, private, or home schools. Students must be in junior high/middle school or high school in the U.S., or the equivalent grade level in their specific international school system. Entries: story, poem, or essay, written specifically for the contest or a school assignment for grades 6-8/ages 11 to 14 (Middle School categories) or grades 9-12/ages 15 to 18 (High School categories). $100 prize. Guidelines:

ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS JOURNAL - IT management and business journal. Seeks nonfiction. Contact page to query:

ANIMAL WELLNESS MAGAZINE - Physical health issues relating to the emotional and spiritual well being of our animals. Seeks nonfiction, columns/depts, photos/artwork. Guidelines:

DIG MAGAZINE - Archaeology for grades 4 and above. Seeks nonfiction, fiction, fillers, photos/artwork. Guidelines:

Friday, September 18, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #146

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - ANDREW WYETH, age 91, active artist up to the end, and patriarch of a family that includes hundreds of artistic works by three generations of Wyeths. Like his father, he read and appreciated the poetry of Frost and Thoreau and studied their relationships with nature. Music and movies also heightened his artistic sensitivity. In his art, Wyeth's favorite subjects were the land and people around him, both in his hometown of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and at his summer home in Cushing, Maine. One of the most well-known images in 20th-century American art is his painting, Christina's World, currently in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

DO YOU WRITE HUMOR? - Enter the 2010 Mona Schreiber Prize for Humor. 750 words or less.

DESTINATION FRANCE, UK - aimed at those intending to buy property in France and the British holidaymaker. Seeks features on property, tourist destinations, activity breaks and family holidays, French culture, food, wine and lifestyle, and news of events. Prefers submissions to be illustrated w/photos. Paying market, amount variable, depending on length and number of photographs used. First British Serial Rights No guidelines available online. Query: Carmen Konopka, Editor URL:


WRITER GAZETTE - $1 markets for Freelance Writers.


CLOCKS, UK - monthly mag w/world-wide circulation, covering old/antique clocks and their makers. Aimed at collectors, repairers and restorers. Carries articles on all aspects of horology, including clock collecting, profiles on clock makers of the past 300 yrs, clock repair and restoration, clock-making and news. Accepts submissions from knowledgeable freelancers. 1000-3000/wds with 4-12 photos/illustrations. Also accepts typewritten manuscripts and conventional photographs, either as prints or transparencies. Rates and rights negotiable. John Hunter, Editor Guidelines:

BORDERS REWARDS - Become a Borders Rewards Member for FREE & receive special savings

WEST COAST LINE - Publishes work by writers and artists who are experimenting with or expanding the boundaries of conventional forms and contexts. Interested in work engaged with problems of representation, race, culture, gender, sexuality, technology, media, urban/rural spaces, nature, and language. Negotiate rights. $50 - 200.

EnROUTE, Canada – readers are highly mobile people who live, work and play on a global scale. Mag is read by nearly 1 million passengers a month and can be found in the seat pockets of Air Canada aircraft and in Maple Leaf™ Lounges and select Star Alliance™ lounges around the world. It is also distributed at more than 100 upscale outlets across Canada (hotels, boutiques, health clubs, restaurants and lounges). Air Canada passengers are affluent business travelers from major Canadian cities and highly educated frequent flyers w/disposable incomes far above the national average. $1/wd/Cdn. E-mail editorial queries w/ “query” in the subject line. Pay on acceptance. Guidelines:

QUILL & QUIRE MAGAZINE, Canada - monthly mag of the Canadian book trade, reaching an audience of primarily publishers, booksellers, librarians, and writers. Publishes both 300-1200/wd. and up to 3000/wd news and feature articles about the business of writing, publishing, and bookselling in Canada. We also publish author profiles of 1800 to 2000/wds, and brief reviews of Canadian books.The fee for published articles is 45¢ a word. Brief reviews 350/wds - $90; feature reviews 800-1000/wds - $300. Guidelines:

MSDN MAGAZINE - looking for original, well-written articles that help developers evaluate and learn to use current Microsoft technologies for their software development projects. Welcomes submissions from all readers. Great MSDN Magazine articles provide an in-depth look at real-world implementations using current Microsoft tools and technologies. Our readers love to see workable example code, extensible libraries, and useful add-ins. If you've got something to share, tell us about it. Send an article proposal to us at 3000 - 8000/wds, not including code samples. Negotiate rates and rights. Guidelines:

25th RTÉ RADIO 1 SHORT TORY COMPETITION, 2009, Ireland - Closing date 26 Oct. 2009. 1800-2000/wds. Winners will be notified early in 2009. EUR3000, EUR 2000 and EUR1000, first, second & third prizes. Other shortlisted stories selected for broadcasting will be paid current rates. First Irish broadcasting rights. Guidelines: Rules and entry form available as PDF files from the website. Follow links.

Friday, September 11, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #145

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - DICK MARTIN, age 86, American comedian and director, best known for his role as the co-host of the sketch comedy program Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In from 1968 to 1973. "We designed the show so that we are two relatively normal guys wandering through a sea of madness," Martin later said. Martin was a frequent panelist on game shows such as Match Game and Password Plus. He was also the host of two game shows: a parody game show called The Cheap Show in 1978, and Mindreaders in 1979. Starting on The Bob Newhart Show, he directed for over a dozen series. Martin later became the chief director of the 1980s sitcom Newhart. He became one of television's busiest directors, and worked until a few months before his death..

BRAND, UK - literary mag published twice a year, specializing in the short form. Keen on international work and is always looking for new writing that takes risks, has a strong voice and is challenging. Seeks high-quality, original short stories, plays, poems or creative non-fiction. Each issue also features an in-depth interview with a significant writer and art by contemporary artists. Only accepts work not published in UK before. Short stories & creative non-fiction 2500/wds. Short plays or performance texts: max 10 minutes. Poetry: up to 3 poems w/max of 40 lines each. Artwork: up to 3 pieces. GBP30 plus free copy of magazine. Guidelines:

PRACTICAL CARAVAN, UK - monthly mag covering site and product reviews, travel, investigations, travelogues, first-person stories, technical, DIY topics. Images essential to accompany text. 2000/wds/max. Paying market. Rates negotiable. Contact Page to Query:

INTERNATIONAL LIVING, Ireland - monthly mag for expatriates and world travelers covering all aspects of visiting and living in exotic places including accommodation, real estate, taxes, sport and leisure, retirement and any other inside information in a relaxed, informal and friendly tone. Also publishes short 'postcards' telling of undiscovered international gems such as cities, restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, festivals, golf courses, sports facilities or unusual sporting events, fishing, real estate, where to buy bargain goods, get any form of good value and so on. Postcards 250-500/wds. Full-length articles 1000/wds. USD50. Photos accepted. Higher rates for articles published in monthly print publications. Guidelines:

TOWARD FREEDOM - Human rights, globalization, trade, labor, environmental preservation, political prisoners. Seeks nonfiction, columns/depts, photos/artwork. Pays on publication. Articles under 3000/wds. Negotiate pay and rights. Guidelines:

LATIN JAZZ CLUB MAGAZINE - literary cyber-emporium of related music news, articles, interviews, CD reviews and info, a virtual on-line mag dedicated to the advancement, education and historical preservation of Latin Jazz. Pays on publication. Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork. Subjects: Music reviews, articles, interviews. Guidelines:

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - serves more than 5 million visitors monthly. Focuses on decorating, building, remodeling, crafts, entertaining, cooking, gardening. Provides readers, who are mostly women, w/interactive tools. The Website also gives readers a platform to contribute and share ideas w/others. Negotiate fees and rights. Better Homes and Gardens, 1716 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309-3023, (515) 284-3000. Contact Page to Query:

LENGTH OF COPYRIGHT - Work created by unidentified (unknown) authors have a copyright life of only 95 years from publication or 120 years from the work’s creation—whichever comes first. If the author is named (known) and registers his pen name (whether it's his real name or a pseudonym), the copyright term for the work is the author’s life plus 70 years.

COIN NEWS, UK - monthly mag covering coins from all eras, and coin collecting. Features news, events (e.g. fairs, societies, auctions etc.), book reviews, a banknote section and a section on historical coins, together w/general features of interest to both the serious and not-so-serious collector. 2000/wds/max. Paying market. Rates & rights negotiable. Guidelines: Available from editor. Online form to Query or further info:

THE TREASON SHOW, UK - slick and irreverent comedy show based at Brighton, UK, playing to packed houses on a monthly basis. Show deals with news and current affairs. Is willing to consider submissions of witty, fresh and topical material. Length: Not stated, but keep it short. Send initial submission of 2 sketches or 2 songs (lyrics only). Because of the structure of the show, songs stand a better chance of acceptance. A 'writers pool' of GBP1000 is shared by those who get their material into the show. The current average is as follows: songs GBP30, sketches GBP20, one-liners or captions GBP5. Guidelines:

SAILING TODAY, UK - practical mag for cruising sailors. Articles cover boat buying, owning, equipment, clothing and products for sailing. Generally commissions articles, but will consider practical features and cruising stories. Also accepts photographs. High-resolution digital preferred, but can take slides or prints. 1500-3000/wds, depending on section. Is willing to consider longer submissions if suitable for splitting into 2 parts. Query Rodger Witt, Acting Editor Paying market, rates and rights negotiable. Contact Page:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #144

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR, age 78, French author and philosopher. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography. She is now best known for her metaphysical novels. In 1979 she published ‘When Things of the Spirit Come First’, a set of short stories centered around and based upon important women to her earlier years. ‘Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre’ was published in 1981, when she was 73.

THE SCOTS MAGAZINE, UK - monthly mag, concerned w/Scottish topics. Seeks items on people and events related to Scotland, and Scottish places. Does not cover sport, politics, beauty or fashion. Will also accept short stories, poetry, and photographs but must be Scottish. Rarely goes beyond the borders of Scotland. 1000/2500/wds. Payment on acceptance for printed articles, on publication for illustrations. Rates negotiable. First copyright only. Guidelines:

EYE, UK - monthly magazine aimed at early-years education professionals, child health and behaviour, children's centres, cross-curricular activities, the outdoor classroom, management and training issues. Seeks inspirational articles and time-saving ideas and projects for educators to use in an early years education setting. 1600-1800 wds. Requires world serial rights. Guidelines:

PLENTY MAGAZINE - Covers a broad range of lifestyle topics, from food, travel, and fashion to technology, business, and culture. $1/word for magazine, $150 for website articles. Guidelines:

RELISH MAGAZINE - monthly newspaper-distributed magazine that celebrates America's love of food, Relish brings readers authentic, accurate features on cooking, dining and entertaining. Our useful, informative, human, concise articles are full of detail and color-writing and reporting at its best. This is not a market for beginners; send only your most professional work. Coverage of people and places must be enlightening and instructional and have broad regional or national relevance. Articles should be topical but have a long shelf life. Submission info bottom of page. Rates negotiable. Guidelines:

READER’S DIGEST, Canada - Everyone’s got a funny story so send us your humorous anecdote or joke, and if we publish it in Reader’s Digest. Competition is fierce. Every year, thousands of readers send us their stories. Anecdotes: $200 for items we print in Life’s Like That, All in a Day’s Work, Humour in Uniform, Campus Comedy, Tales Out of School and As Kids See It. Contributions must be true, unpublished stories. Jokes: $30 published in Laughter, the Best Medicine. We may run your item in any section of our magazines, or elsewhere. If we receive more than one copy of the same or a similar item, we pay for only the one we select. Guidelines:

READERS DIGEST, Australia - My Story $500: Personal stories beyond the call of daily life. They must be unpublished, original and less than 1000 words. Kindness of Strangers Up to $250: True accounts of good karma, inspiring acts of unexpected kindness and generosity, or just something someone did that made your day – or changed your life. 100-500 words. Anecdotes and Jokes $50-$250: Guidelines:

WILD BIRD MAGAZINE - the largest birding magazine strives to be broad in scope, with stories of interest for everyone from beginning birders to longtime birding enthusiasts. We offer tips for species identification, equipment information, inside tips about birding travel and backyard birding pointers. Also offers forums where birders can share their experiences, expertise and excitement. $300 - $500. Guidelines:

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL – Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2009, Austin, TX. The Writers' League is again reserving space in its booth for members to display and sell their books or writing-related services. A limited number of two-hour slots will be available for $75. Due to the high level interest in past years, these slots will be available by lottery only. URL: