Saturday, September 5, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #144

MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR, age 78, French author and philosopher. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography. She is now best known for her metaphysical novels. In 1979 she published ‘When Things of the Spirit Come First’, a set of short stories centered around and based upon important women to her earlier years. ‘Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre’ was published in 1981, when she was 73.

THE SCOTS MAGAZINE, UK - monthly mag, concerned w/Scottish topics. Seeks items on people and events related to Scotland, and Scottish places. Does not cover sport, politics, beauty or fashion. Will also accept short stories, poetry, and photographs but must be Scottish. Rarely goes beyond the borders of Scotland. 1000/2500/wds. Payment on acceptance for printed articles, on publication for illustrations. Rates negotiable. First copyright only. Guidelines:

EYE, UK - monthly magazine aimed at early-years education professionals, child health and behaviour, children's centres, cross-curricular activities, the outdoor classroom, management and training issues. Seeks inspirational articles and time-saving ideas and projects for educators to use in an early years education setting. 1600-1800 wds. Requires world serial rights. Guidelines:

PLENTY MAGAZINE - Covers a broad range of lifestyle topics, from food, travel, and fashion to technology, business, and culture. $1/word for magazine, $150 for website articles. Guidelines:

RELISH MAGAZINE - monthly newspaper-distributed magazine that celebrates America's love of food, Relish brings readers authentic, accurate features on cooking, dining and entertaining. Our useful, informative, human, concise articles are full of detail and color-writing and reporting at its best. This is not a market for beginners; send only your most professional work. Coverage of people and places must be enlightening and instructional and have broad regional or national relevance. Articles should be topical but have a long shelf life. Submission info bottom of page. Rates negotiable. Guidelines:

READER’S DIGEST, Canada - Everyone’s got a funny story so send us your humorous anecdote or joke, and if we publish it in Reader’s Digest. Competition is fierce. Every year, thousands of readers send us their stories. Anecdotes: $200 for items we print in Life’s Like That, All in a Day’s Work, Humour in Uniform, Campus Comedy, Tales Out of School and As Kids See It. Contributions must be true, unpublished stories. Jokes: $30 published in Laughter, the Best Medicine. We may run your item in any section of our magazines, or elsewhere. If we receive more than one copy of the same or a similar item, we pay for only the one we select. Guidelines:

READERS DIGEST, Australia - My Story $500: Personal stories beyond the call of daily life. They must be unpublished, original and less than 1000 words. Kindness of Strangers Up to $250: True accounts of good karma, inspiring acts of unexpected kindness and generosity, or just something someone did that made your day – or changed your life. 100-500 words. Anecdotes and Jokes $50-$250: Guidelines:

WILD BIRD MAGAZINE - the largest birding magazine strives to be broad in scope, with stories of interest for everyone from beginning birders to longtime birding enthusiasts. We offer tips for species identification, equipment information, inside tips about birding travel and backyard birding pointers. Also offers forums where birders can share their experiences, expertise and excitement. $300 - $500. Guidelines:

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL – Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2009, Austin, TX. The Writers' League is again reserving space in its booth for members to display and sell their books or writing-related services. A limited number of two-hour slots will be available for $75. Due to the high level interest in past years, these slots will be available by lottery only. URL: