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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #195

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: LOUISE BOURGEOIS, age 98, artist, sculptor, whose sculptures explored womens deepest feelings on birth, sexuality and death were highly influential on younger artists. Among her most famous pieces are a series of giant spiders presented as symbols of the mother, entitled "Maman," with one standing more than 30 feet (nine meters) high outside the National Gallery of Canada. Working in a wide variety of materials, she tackled themes relating to male and female bodies and emotions of anger, betrayal, even murder. Her work reflected influences of surrealism, primitivism and the early modernist sculptors such as Alberto Giacometti and Constantin Brancusi. "The Destruction of the father," a 1974 installation, depicts her traumatic relationship with her father. Bourgeois' work was almost unknown to the wider art world until she was 70, when New York's Museum of Modern Art presented a solo show of her career in 1982. Among the honors coming to her were a National Medal of Arts, awarded by President Clinton in 1997. In October, she was inducted into the Nat'l Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY. France awarded her the Legion d'Honneur in New York in 2008. Bourgeois worked until two days before her death, helping the Italian foundation prepare an exhibition of her work to open in Venice. Some of Bourgeois' works have fetched over a million dollars at auctions in recent years.

INTERVIEW w/ELIZABETH: Author Kayelle Allen’s interview of author E. Lucas-Taylor

NEW YORK CITY SPIRIT – Holistic, creating cultural and personal history, a tool for understanding what has occurred and is occurring in our culture and our personal lives today. Brief Guidelines:

SOUTHERN REVIEW – publishes the very best new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and literary essays by established and emerging writers. Considers novel excerpts if they stand alone, short short stories, experimental work, and translations (provided the translator has secured appropriate rights.) No genre. Guidelines: or (see submissions calendar)

OHIO MAGAZINE - stories that celebrate Ohio, its people, its rich culture, heritage, and especially its travel spots. Audience is educated, active, affluent and very loyal to Ohio. Contains stories about interesting Ohioans, top travel destinations, Ohio’s arts and cultural institutions, trend pieces and service pieces that provide readers with a statewide set of options on a particular topic, art to accompany. Guidelines:

THE EDGE, UK - short stories: modern crime, Gothic horror, fantasy, science fiction, slipstream, crime fiction or erotica. Experimental work welcome. Non-fiction: features, interviews, popular culture. Also interested in serious or humorous comic strips. Guidelines:

AQUILA, UK - encourages children 8-13 to explore facts, find out about things for themselves, develop a caring nature. Carries mix of non-fiction under topics such as science, history, mathematics, crafts, language, fiction (sometimes serialized). Guidelines: or

GROW YOUR OWN, UK - gardening mag giving info on growing (and cooking) fresh food from the garden. Seeks fresh and interesting contributions on anything relevant to vegetable, fruit, or herb-growing, or allotments, small greenhouses and similar. Guidelines: Query editor

COLLISION POETRY & CREATIVE NONFICTION CONTEST – Deadline: Oct. 17, 2010. No entry fee. Open to Undergraduates anywhere in the world for Personal essays and narratives, travel pieces, feature articles, and poems accepted. $150 prize.
Guidelines: (click on “submit”)

NEW VOICES YOUNG WRITERS COMPETITION – Deadline: Oct. 20, 2010. No entry fee. Open to Students worldwide, attending public, private, or home schools. Students must be in junior high/middle school or high school in the U.S., or the equivalent grade level in their specific internat'l school system. Genres: Poetry, Short Stories, Nonfiction. $100 grand prize +publication. Guidelines:

SCN ANNUAL NOVEL PITCH & FIRST 5 PAGES CONTEST – Deadline: Nov. 15, 2010. Entry fee: $8.50. Open internationally. First prize - $150. Second prize - $75. Third prize - $40. 6 HM. JUDGE - Agent Jeff Kleinman/ Folio Literary Management, NY, NY. Guidelines:

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Scene of the Crime: Who Killed This Sentence? Oct 18-31, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Romancing Nonfiction: How 2 Pay Bills While Fiction Career…Oct 3-16, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Geisha Marketing for Authors - Oct 25 – 31, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: How to Hook Your Reader - Nov 1 – 4, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Brainstorming Characters - Nov 1 – 6, 2010

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #194

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: ANDREI VOZNESENSKY, age 77, a daring and popular poet of the Soviet era, was one of the so-called "children of the '60s," a generation of thinkers who tasted intellectual freedom during the post-Stalin thaw. His unusual rhymes and bold metaphors contrasted sharply with other Soviet poetry. His innovative verse thrilled readers but irked authorities and criticized by orthodox Soviet writers. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev once threatened to exile him, yelling at a him during a meeting with Soviet art and literary figures. His books of poems included "The Triangular Pear," ''Antiworlds," ''Stained-glass Master," ''Violoncello Oakleaf," ''Videoms and Fortune Telling by the Book." Some of his works were turned into theater productions, like "Antiworlds" and "Save your Faces" at the Taganka Theater, "Juno and Avos" at the Lenkom Theater and others both in Russia and abroad.

PARAMETERS – mature thought on topics of current interest to senior Army officers and the defense community. Focus is on the art and science of land warfare, national and international security affairs, military strategy, senior leadership, ethics, and military history w/contemporary relevance. Guidelines:

ROOM OF ONES OWN, Canada – Original short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, or art by women. Guidelines:

WAVE-LENGTH MAGAZINE – promotes safe, ecologically sensitive paddling info, guides readers to useful products and services, explores marine issues. Now in 19th year, distributed around North America free-of-charge through select paddling, outdoor and marine stores, tour operators, paddling clubs, recreation centers, outdoor events and shows, book stores, libraries, and around the world electronically via the internet. Guidelines:

THE MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW – (South College U of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA) interested in material of variety, vitality w/a broad appeal. Articles, essays, fiction, poetry. Guidelines:

CHILD CARE, UK - anyone who works in child care, whether in the home, nursery or crèche, or in any other daycare setting. Seeks latest news, in-depth reports, practical advice, ideas. Also contains a 16-page practical pull-out section w/separate requirements. Guidelines:

NEED 2 KNOW BOOKS, UK - Publisher of books that give solutions, strategies to wide range of problem areas: teenage pregnancy and diabetes to the everyday situations like coping w/stress and single parenting, breast cancer, prostate cancer, anger management, men's health/women's health. Guidelines:

TUCSON CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP - “Hook, Line and Homicide: Writing the Mystery” at Pima Community College, West Campus, in Tucson AZ, Oct 1-3, 2010.
For more info e-mail:

BOUCHERCON BY THE BAY – San Francisco, Oct 14-17. Sisters will receive free food and beverages in their own hospitality suite. “SinC Into Great Writing” workshop will be held the day before, Oct. 13, 2010. Info:

2nd ANNUAL SEDONA BOOK FESTIVAL - Sedona, AZ. Oct 2, 2010. Yavapai College Sedona Center, 4215 Arts Village Drive (at the intersection of Hwy 89A and Cultural Park Place) 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Festival admission is free and open to the public.


ONLINE WORKSHOP: Stripping Down the Heroine Archetypes Oct 11 - Nov 7, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing the Biker Oct 11 - Nov 22, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Create Your Own Book Trailer Oct 15 - 28, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Research & Working w/Experts Oct 18 - 31, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing the Paranormal Oct 18 - Nov 14, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: From Idea to Completion Oct 18 - Nov 14, 2010

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #193

9/11, “peaceful” MUSLIMS hijacked 4 jetliners in US - cut throats of women in front of their children & brutally stabbed others w/boxcutters. Thousands also lost their lives in the same barbaric "peaceful" Muslim attack on the WTC.

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: ART LINKLETTER, age 97, hosted the popular TV shows "People Are Funny" and "House Party" in the 1950s & 1960s. "Art Linkletter's House Party," one of television's longest-running variety shows, debuted on radio in 1944 and was seen on CBS-TV from 1952-1969. The best known segment was the daily interviews with schoolchildren. Linkletter collected sayings from the children into "Kids Say The Darndest Things," and it sold in the millions. The book "70 Years of Best Sellers 1895-1965" ranked "Kids Say the Darndest Things" as the 15th top seller among nonfiction books in that period. The primetime "People Are Funny," which began on radio in 1942 and ran on TV from 1954 to 1961, emphasized slapstick humor and audience participation. Linkletter got his first taste of broadcasting with a part-time job while attending San Diego State College in the early 1930s. He held a series of radio and promotion jobs in California and Texas, experimenting with audience participation and remote broadcasts, before forming his own production company in the 1940s and striking it big. After leaving daily broadcasting in 1969, Linkletter continued to write, lecture and appear in television commercials. Among his other books, were "Old Age is Not for Sissies," "How To Be a Super-salesman," "Confessions of a Happy Man," "Hobo on the Way to Heaven" and his autobiography, '`I Didn't Do It Alone." A recording Linkletter made with his daughter Diane not long before she died, "We Love You, Call Collect," was issued after her death and won a Grammy award for best spoken word recording.

ASTRONOMY MAGAZINE – science and hobby mag serves readers who want to keep up with the latest discoveries and understand astronomical science, as well as those who want to know what is happening in the sky each month. Occasionally publishes unsolicited material, news features, human interest stories, hobby. Guidelines: (articles & bk reviews)

sub-TERRAIN, Canada - fiction, poetry, photography and graphic illustration from uprising Canadian, U.S. & International writers and artists. Poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, commentary, photos. Guidelines:

GOOD WOODWORKING, UK - for the serious woodworker, seeks ideas, advice and projects for the amateur. Guidelines: Contact editor - URL:

TRAZZLER - helps would-be travelers answer the question “Where should I go?” Make us forget about our mundane lives and take us to a place that we’ve never been before. Guidelines:

NEW MOBILITY – active wheelchair lifestyle mag w/articles on art, culture, recreation, travel, people, relationships, medical news, civil rights and resources. Eighty-five percent of readers have disabilities, most caused by spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or ALS. Looking for the unusual, the quirky, the humorous angle, but also needs well-reported service articles. These include pieces on health (innovations in bladder or bowel management, pain or fatigue prevention, stem cell news); technology (new products for work or play) and travel. Guidelines:
FETCH THE PAPER - serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.Looking for expertly written topics on health, travel, humor, training, and things to do with dogs. We also speak out on issues of social importance. Contact page to query:

NORTHERN WOODLANDS MAGAZINE – audience consists of conservation-minded people with an interest in all aspects of the forests of the Northeast. Looking for book reviews, articles, photos. Guidelines & Editorial Calendar:

THE STINGING FLY, Ireland - provides an outlet for short story writers: each issue features several short stories and from time to time entire issues are devoted to new fiction. Also publishes poetry, creative non-fiction and book reviews. Only accepts submissions between January and March, cutoff date March 31, send by postal mail only, giving e-mail address. Prefers to respond by e-mail but enclose an SAE (with Irish stamps, or an IRC). Rates low +2 contributor's copies. Guidelines: - keeps a comprehensive list of contests that pay a grand prize of $500+

AMAZING KIDS! - has contests for kids

GIFTED HANDS WRITING - children’s writing contests

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Prologue Structure 4 Character driven/Plot-driven stories Oct 3-6, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Cant & Historical Slang 4 Authors Oct 4-10, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing Serial Novels Oct 4-31, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Master the 3 Act Structure Oct 4-31, 2010

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Using Description to Enhance Storyline Oct 4-31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Creating a Believable Paranormal, Fantasy, or SF
World Oct 4-31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Art of Rewriting Oct 4-31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Handling Backstory the Right Way Oct 4-31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Alphas: Leaders of the Pack Oct 4-29

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MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #192

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: MARTIN GARDNER, age 95, teased brains with math puzzles in Scientific American for a quarter-century and indulged his own restless curiosity by writing more than 70 books on topics as diverse as magic, philosophy and the nuances of Alice in Wonderland. Gardner also wrote fiction, poetry, literary and film criticism, as well as puzzle books. He was a leading voice in refuting pseudo-scientific theories, from ESP to flying saucers. His mathematical writings intrigued a generation of mathematicians, but he never took a college math course. In 1983 he began a column in Skeptical Inquirer, "Notes of a Fringe Watcher," which he continued to write until 2002. He had already begun beating this drum, debunking pseudoscience, in his book "Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science." He helped found the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

BE AWARE! NEW YORK Companies Short Freelancers $4.7B Last Year

FORM MAGAZINE - audience is architects, interior designers, professional designers throughout the country, primarily in urban centers such as LA, NY, San Francisco, Austin and Miami. FORM is published bimonthly and available on newsstands nationally through independent and wholesale distributors. Contact page: click on editorial inquiries to query.

NORTHERN AQUACULTURE, Canada – trade publication for all aquaculture industry professionals in North America. For industry professionals Aquaculture North America follows the trends, the issues, the people and events that have set the pace for the fastest growing agribusiness sector on the continent. Coverage is relevant to all finfish and shellfish species grown in North America plus special reports from other regions around the world. Guidelines: click on “Editor” to query.

QUEENS QUARTERLY, Canada - multidisciplinary journal aimed at educated reader. Publishes articles, reviews, short stories, poetry. Guidelines:

SHENANDOAH - Washington and Lee University, publishes splendid poems, stories, essays and reviews which display passionate understanding, formal accomplishment and serious mischief. Guidelines:

TRUE NORTH – Central Oregon parenting mag. Goal is to provide local parents of all backgrounds w/info and resources that will inspire, support, empower as they navigate their way through the choices of family life. Produces well researched, thought provoking articles that address the seemingly infinite number of parenting styles, choices, tools available to families today; current topics that concern and effect parents on both a local and global level. Guidelines:

MYSTERY SCENE -.Every issue contains commentary, critical overviews, interviews of authors/other media professionals, developments in TV and film, appreciations, diatribes, letters, a wide variety of reviews. Throw in jokes, quotes, anecdotes. Guidelines:

TEXAS BOOK FESTIVAL - Texas State Capitol, Colorado/11th Streets, Austin
Oct. 16-17, 2010.

GLIMMER TRAIN STANDARD SHORT FICTION - Deadlines: Jan, April, July, October. First day to the last day of the month. No entry fee. 12,000/wds/max. Online submissions preferred. No children's stories. $700 +publication in Glimmer Train Stories, +10 copies of that issue. Guidelines:

LUCIDITY POETRY JOURNAL CLARITY AWARDS - Deadline: Oct. 4, 2010. OPEN TO:18+. Submit 5 poems, max 36 lines per poem including stanza breaks. Seeking poetry that deals w/people, relationships, life issues, events, in English. Form of the poem is open. Prizes: $100, $40, $25 and possible publication. Email for further guidelines & entry fee: URL:

AMY LOWELL POETRY TRAVELING SCHOLARSHIP - Deadline: Oct. 15, 2010. Open to all US poets. Submit 40 pgs of poetry or copy of pub’d poetry book w/20 add’l pages of poetry. Prize: $52,000 fellowship to spend a year abroad. Guidelines:

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOUSE LITERARY PRIZE, UK - Deadline: Oct. 15, 2010. Nonfiction. A contest for short essays with 2 categories: Young Writers and Professional Writers. Submit 1000-1500/wd essay on a question exploring Franklin's relevance for our time. 2010 theme is "In politics, what can laws do without morals? Prize: £500 for young writers (18-25), £1000 for prof’l writers and publication in The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. Guidelines:


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