Friday, July 16, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #185

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: MARSHALL LEE, age 89, Writer, Editor, Designer, and Book Publisher. His influential book, BOOKMAKING, was first released in 1965 and its third edition was published in 2004 by Norton. His half-century in publishing included serving as an executive at Harry N. Abrams and Fratelli Fabbri in Italy. Through his own two companies, Balance House, and The International Archive of Art, he created and produced books for major publishers in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

MENNONITE BRETHREN HERALD - periodical of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Mennonite Religion and Lifestyle, Poetry. Guidelines:

AIR & SPACE - general interest mag about flight, purpose is to enlighten and entertain, goal to show readers, both the knowledgeable and novice, facets of the enterprise of flight they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. Guidelines:

ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION – publishes science fiction stories (4000/wds) where some aspect of future science or technology is integral to the plot. The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn't be human) doing believable things–no matter how fantastic the background might be. Guidelines:

AKRON LIFE & LEISURE (Ohio) – lifestyles publication committed to providing information that enhances and enriches the experience of living in or visiting Akron and the surrounding region of Summit, Portage, Medina and Stark Counties. Issue profiles interesting places, personalities, events in the arts, sports, entertainment, business, politics, social scene. We cover issues important to the Greater Akron area and significant trends affecting the lives of those who live here. Also offers timely tips on fashion, retail shopping in the area, terrific places to dine, and vacation destinations worth the trip. Our calendar of events is a lively guide to the arts, culture, leisure and entertainment in the area. Contact page:

BACKPACKER MAGAZINE – written for knowledgeable, experienced backpackers, accepts only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories w/style, depth, emotional impact, take-away value for the reader. Guidelines:

BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE – country oriented “how to” mag that specializes in showing people how to build their own home, produce independent energy, grow their own food, how to make a living without being tied to a city. Also covers related subjects such as health, raising animals, food preservation, country skills, home schooling, arts/crafts, recipes, and book reviews. Guidelines:

BAJA LIFE MAGAZINE – glossy, coffee-table mag devoted to promoting tourism, education, protection of the environment, earth-kind economic development on the Baja peninsula. Contributors should have a strong basic understanding of their subject matter. Subjects: Recreational Activities, Marine and Desert Ecology, Tourist Interests, The Native People of Baja, Environmental Issues, Historical Figures and Events, Retirement, Living, Cultural and Tradition, Arts and Music, Business and Resort Development. Guidelines:

33RD INTERNATIONAL 3-DAY NOVEL CONTEST – Deadline Sept. 4 - 6, 2010. Outlines are permitted prior to the contest. Guidelines:

GLOSA POEM COMPETITION, Canada – Deadline: Sept. 30, 2010. Entry fee: $5.

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Motivation & Conflict Aug 1 – 29

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Show and Tell Aug 2 – 30

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Polishing Your Sample Pages - Aug 2 - 15

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Active vs. Passive Voice - Aug 3 - 31

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Creating Your Own Book Trailer - Aug 7 - 21

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing for Teens - Aug 8 - 21

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Edit As You Go Aug 9 - 15

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Writing Basics Aug 9 - Sept 5

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Word Choice Workout Presented – Aug 9 – 15

WELCOME NEW LINK: Daniel Audet Journal

LITERARY SCAMS – Suggest writers bookmark these links & check lists before embarking on any writing venture. A search will give you more links.