Friday, November 5, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #201

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: ROBERT N. BUTLER, age 83, Pulitzer Prize-winning author/doctor, focused on the study of aging, and was the founder of the National Institute for Aging and the International Longevity Center. He published: ‘Why Survive? Being Old in America’ and ‘The Longevity Prescription: The 8 Proven Keys to a Long, Healthy Life’. He was a revolutionary gerontologist whose passion helped overcome the stigma surrounding aging in this country, and empowered people to discover their enormous potential in their later years. His work influenced clinicians, scientists, researchers, and policy makers all over the world, and will continue to impact us for generations to come.

LATIN JAZZ CLUB MAGAZINE - giant literary cyber-emporium of related music news, articles, interviews, CD reviews and info, LatinJazzClub is a virtual on-line magazine dedicated to the advancement, education and historical preservation of Latin Jazz. Guidelines:

HEROIC FANATASY QUARTERLY – dedicated to publishing heroic fantasy in both prose and poetry. Looking for quality banner art to accompany each new issue. Guidelines:

HINDUISM TODAY – the face of Hindu culture, tradition and values, an international journal affirming the Sanatana Dharma and recording the history of a billion strong global religion in renaissance. Query/submission form:

KIDS’ PAGES FAMILY MAGAZINE – family related topics, emphasize stories w/a local (Denver) focus and prefer to work w/local established writers. Occasionally uses reprints of articles from publications outside region. Guidelines:

NORTH OF 50, Canada – regional mag, readers are 30+ and socially aware, likes "issues" articles that inform, educate and instigate discussion, history and lifestyle pieces, regional personality and arts stories. Prefers articles that have a Thompson, South Cariboo, Nicola, Okanagan, Shuswap, Similkameen slant. Guidelines:

THE SEWANEE REVIEW - America's oldest continuously pub’d literary quarterly of erudite work representing depth of knowledge and skill of expression. Guidelines:

GRAY’S SPORTING JOURNAL – 90% of readers are bird hunters and 85% are fly fishers, so looking for good fly-fishing and upland-bird-hunting mss for these issues and throughout the year. Other subjects of interest include: Waterfowl, Turkeys, Small Game, Big Game, Unusual Quarry, Foreign Adventures in exotic locales, Yarns—tall tales or true, Poetry. Guidelines:

ARTLINK MAGAZINE, Australia – open to a very wide range of writers throughout Australia, themed mag which tries to make art relevant across society. Needs contributors who have expert knowledge of subjects outside of the art area who can put the work of artists in a broader context. Guidelines:

WALTER CRONKITE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TV POLITICAL JOURNALISM - The early-bird entry deadline is Dec 14, 2010; entry deadline is Jan 14, 2011. Entry forms, fees and guidelines:

RALPH NADING HILL CONTEST, Vermont – Deadline: Nov 15 each year. $1500 cash prize. Co-sponsored by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Life, contest is open to any student or resident of Vermont. Submit your thoughts on "Vermont, Its People, The Place, Its History, or Its Values" as an essay, short story, play, or poem. 1500/wds or less. Guidelines:

FRANKLIN-CHRISTOPH POETRY CONTEST – Deadline: Dec 31, 2010. No entry fee. $2500 in prizes. Guidelines:

DIGITAL BOOK WORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO – Jan 24-26, 2011. New York City.
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