Friday, July 10, 2009


MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING – JIMMY STEWART, age 89. Academy Award-winning American film and stage actor, best known for his self-effacing screen persona. One little-known talent of Stewart's was his homespun poetry. He was also an Air Force Brigadier General. In 1989, Stewart joined Peter F. Paul in founding the American Spirit Foundation to apply entertainment industry resources to developing innovative approaches to public education and to assist the emerging democracy movements in the former Iron Curtain countries and Russia. In 1991, at age 83, Stewart voiced the character of Sheriff Wylie Burp in the movie "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West", which was his final role in a film before his death.


BOTTLE TREE PRODUCTIONS - One Act Play Competition Deadline Nov. 30, 2009
One-Act Play Award: $1,000; Fee: $25

BK PUBLICITY TIPS - complete list of goofy (but real) holidays to plan promotions around.

HOME JOB IDEAS Work from home as an author, copywriter, typist, event organizer, language tutor, photographer.

COMPUTOREDGE ONLINE - the nation's largest regional computer weekly magazine, with editions in Southern California and Colorado. Features: 1000/1200 wds. Beyond Personal Computing (BPC): 800/1000 wds. Mac Madness and I Don't Do Windows columns (open to freelancers): 800/900 wds. First North American Serial Rights and electronic rights. Guidelines:'sGuidelines.htm

EUROPEAN VOICE, Belgium - works w/freelancers occasionally. $0.38/wd. Query first to Dennis Abbott, Editor. European Voice, International Press Centre, Résidence Palace, Rue de la Loi 155, Box 6, 1040 Brussels, Belgium. Tel:+32-2 540 9090. Fax: +32-2 540 9071. Contact page:

FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE - Issues planned well in advance; lead time is technically about six months. Style is bright, breezy, helpful and encouraging. We're NOT an academic journal or a genealogy-research journal. Buy first rights and online rights. Rates vary widely depending on difficulty of assignment. Guidelines:

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BOOK(S) - Want to know exactly where your books are? Lists participating libraries around the globe.

THE WEB SAVVY WRITER - great ideas for book promotions.

GREENPRINTS – wants the best garden writing. Expressive, thoughtful, humorous, angry, contrite, flippant, searching, witty, observant, sad, inviting-whatever! We focus on the human, not the how-to side of gardening. On the people as well as the plants. Up to $100. Guidelines:

HOME & AWAY - official member publication for 16 different AAA automobile clubs in the US Midwest. Pays 10/25 cts/word. Accepts photos. First North American Serial rights. Guidelines:

HORSE CANADA MAGAZINE - a general interest mag for horse lovers w/special attention paid to equine health and management. $0.15[US$0.11]/wd, $15[US$11/b/w photo and $25[US$18]/color photo. eQuery for guidelines. Staff List: