Friday, July 3, 2009


MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING – NELSON MANDELA, age 90, former President of South Africa.. Among opponents of apartheid in South Africa and internationally, he is a symbol of freedom and equality. Following his release from prison on Feb. 11, 1990, at age 72, his switch to a policy of reconciliation and negotiation helped lead the transition to multi-racial democracy in South Africa. Mandela has received more than one hundred awards over four decades, most notably the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 at age 75. He is a celebrated elder statesman who continues to voice his opinion on topical issues.

YOUNG MONEY MAGAZINE - strives to educate young people about money management. Publisher is nat’l, non-profit credit counseling organization. Mag is delivered nationwide as a special insert in 20 top college newspapers. 1-2 cts/wd. + photos. Guidelines:

ACTION ASIA MAGAZINE, HK - interesting destinations from around the region which offer an adventurous take on well-known destinations, or which take the reader into the parts of Asia that are much less well-known. 'Our' Asia includes Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, the Indian sub-continent and parts of the Middle East. Mauritius, Oman, Kirghizstan, Kamchatka and Tahiti have all been featured. A text plus pictures is req’d. US$400 for 4 pg smaller features, up to US$800/1000 for main features 10-14 pgs. Guidelines:

WRITING CAREER - listing of writing jobs.

AMERICAN PROFILE - Coverage of people and places must be enlightening and instructional, and have a broad regional or national relevance. Also covers health, food, gardening, home projects, nature, finances. Articles should be topical, but have a long shelf life. Length varies from 450/1200 wds. Fees are competitive but vary widely. Byline and one-sentence bio given. Mostly freelance written. No reprints. Buys exclusive first-time print rights and all electronic rights to unpublished pieces for six months, non-exclusive rights thereafter. Queries: Send a one-paragraph query with clips and SASE. No phone, fax, or e-mail submissions. Guidelines:

2010 STRATFORD, SHAW & SUNDANCE NEW MYSTERIES COMPETITION - Deadline: Aug. 31, 2009. No Entry Fee. Short Stories, Novels, Scripts and Screenplays for both adult and youth audiences. All entries should be able to be performed (read) in under an hour. $10,000 for "Best New Work" (one prize across all genres), $5000 for "Best New Writer", $2500 for "Outstanding Screenplay or Teleplay", $1000 for "Best Work for Young Adults (12-18)", $1000 for "Best Short Mystery Play" (category includes one-act plays, short screenplays, and short stories) Guidelines:

2009 FAMILY CIRCLE FICTION CONTEST - Deadline: Aug. 31, 2009. No Entry Fee. Open to U.S. residents 21+. Entries must be original, unpublished, and may not have won any prize or award. Short Stories. Max 2 stories/person, 2500/wds/story. $750, publication in Family Circle, Gift Certificate to a course, 1yr AvantGuild membership. Guidelines:

EMAIL LISTS GET MINED - Consumers find their email list gets mined & used after they provide e-mail info to certain Web sites -

BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY REVIEW - serves as a bridge between the academic study of archaeology and a broad general audience eager to better understand the world of the Bible. BAR is the only nonsectarian forum for the discussion of Biblical archaeology. 5/25 cts/wd. All rights. Dorothy D. Resig Managing Editor for guidelines. URL:

CARVING MAGAZINE - useful, diverse magazine of info about the art of carving. Each issue features step-by-step projects, feature articles, gallery photos, questions-and-answers, and much more. Carving enthusiasts at all skill levels will enjoy learning from seasoned carving veterans, many of whom are regularly-featured columnists. 10-15/cts/word. Accepts photos. Guidelines:

UP HERE, FAR NORTH OIL & GASS REVIEW, Canada - quarterly, publishes articles on current topics in oil and gas development, northern aboriginal political and business development, as well as general issues pertinent to Canada's northern region in the context of these resources. Topics include: northern regulatory issues, pipeline development, drilling, production, related engineering issues, company and individual profiles, related environmental issues, and the history of northern oil and gas development. Min. $0.25[US$0.18]/wd + (depending on qualifications of freelancer), or negotiated flat rate for short pieces. Online Query Form:

2009 WRANGLIN WITH WRITING – Sept. 26-27, 2009. Tucson AZ. 32 workshops on writing and marketing. Individual interviews with agents, editors, publishers, and producers soliciting mss and screenplays. Info: