Friday, December 10, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #205

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: TOM MANKIEWICZ, age 68, screenwriter of such James Bond films as "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Live and Let Die" and the first two "Superman" movies. Mankiewicz began his career as an assistant director on Curtiz's last film, "The Comancheros" in 1961, in which John Wayne starred. In 1970, he was hired to rewrite "Diamonds Are Forever," which was the beginning of a longtime association with the Broccoli family and the Bond franchise. He also wrote "The Man With the Golden Gun" and made uncredited contributions to "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker." Director Richard Donner asked Mankiewicz to rewrite and condense the scripts for 1978's "Superman" and the 1980 sequel "Superman II," for which he received credit as a creative consultant but not as a writer. Mankiewicz again went by the "creative consultant" credit on "Hart to Hart," which aired from 1979-84, even though he was a writer and director on the series. Mankiewicz directed the 1987 movie "Dragnet," starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks, and several episodes of the TV series "Hart to Hart." He taught filmmaking to graduate students at Chapman University in Orange, Calif.

CHARLOTTE PARENT – readers include parents, teachers, child-care providers and other advocates for children ages newborn through teens. Each issue has a theme, regular features and departments. We seek new perspectives, voices and viewpoints from local parents about the issues that impact families. Guidelines:

AMERICAN STYLE - full-color, focused on contemporary craft, craft collectors and the artists who create studio craft art, provides art lovers w/valuable collecting, interior design and display ideas, focusing on everything from designer jewelry and art glass to collectible teapots, art furniture and sculptural ceramics. Those who travel with the arts in mind will find hundreds of art festivals, gallery exhibitions and museum events in the Datebook listings, Datebook Previews and Arts Travel sections. With every issue, readers explore eclectic lifestyles of artists, elegant homes of craft collectors and features about “the art of creative living.” City Arts Tours and small Arts Walks in AmericanStyle promote awareness of the economic and aesthetic contributions that art and craft bring to our homes and communities. Each year, cities compete to be included in AmericanStyle’s Top 25 Arts Destinations edition. Contact form to query:

PASSAGE MAKER MAGAZINE – covers all aspects of trawlers and ocean motorboats, welcomes contributions from around the world. Addresses the realities of cruising under power and passage-making. Wants balanced articles that are creative, constructive, informational, personal experiences w/technical or informative aspects. Guidelines:

THE SATURDAY EVENING POST - focus has broadened to include well-researched, timely and informative articles on finance, unusual photo/story packages, home improvement, humor, transportation, travel, fashion, entertainment, personality profiles, technology, communication w/healthy emphasis on medical breakthroughs, promising new treatments, prevention, fitness. The Post's goal is to remain unique, with content that provides additional perspective on the ever-evolving American scene. In addition to feature-length articles, the Post buys anecdotes suitable for "Post Scripts," as well as cartoons, illustrations and photos. Guidelines:

YOUR CAT, UK - for all cat lovers, giving practical info on the care of both pedigree and non-pedigree cats and kittens. Looking for true life stories that are unusual, entertaining or contain information. Only considers practical articles from experienced journalists or people who write on their topic of expertise -- behaviourists for example. Guidelines: On request from Sue Parslow, Editor Mag link:

TRANSITIONS ONLINE, Czech Republic - online journal providing unique coverage of Eastern Europe's 28 post-communist countries. Publishes news, features, opinion and analyses. Seeks new contributors who can provide relevant and timely reports, articles, commentaries, interviews, book reviews covering a broad range of topics. Interested in original stories, under-reported or ones that give an alternative angle on the more conventional news. Authors are paid per word, and illustrators and photographers per published work. Guidelines:

AUSTRALIAN YOGA LIFE – conveys the broad message of yoga without being linked to any one style or school of yoga, to give readers a deeper understanding of yoga. Stories and articles are sourced from practising yogis throughout Australia. Guidelines:


CLOUDBANK POETRY CONTEST – Deadline: Dec. 31, 2010. Entry Fee: $15. $200 prize awarded for one poem. Two contributors' copies will be sent to writers whose
work appears in the mag. All poets who enter the contest will receive a 1 yr subscription to Cloudbank mag. Guidelines:

LILITH MAGAZINE: Annual Fiction & Poetry Competition - Deadline: Dec. 15, 2010. First prize $250. Guidelines:

23rd ANNUAL BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AWARDS - SECOND CALL — Deadline: Dec. 31, 2010. Primarily for titles published September 1 – December 31, 2010. All titles carrying a 2010 copyright date will be accepted in this round of entries.

BOOK CONFERENCES & FESTIVALS – check back often for updates

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Inside the Criminal Mind - Jan 3 – 30, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Changing Genres: What 2 Keep/What 2 Dump Jan 3 - 30

ONLINE WORKSHOP: One Story, Many Voices - Jan 3 – 30, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The First Chapter - Jan 3 – 31, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Dark Hero - Jan 3 - 31, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Short Story - From Idea to Draft in 30 Days - Jan 3 - 31, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Achieve Your Goals in Writing & Life - Jan 3 – 31, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Powerhouse Scenes - Jan 3 – 31, 2011

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Richard the Lionheart & the Crusades - Jan 3 - Feb 6, 2011

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