Friday, August 6, 2010

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #188

REASON TO KEEP WRITING: ALAN SILLITOE, age 82, "Saturday Night And Sunday Morning," and "The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner" chronicled the bleak postwar realities of the country's poor. Sillitoe, a leading member of the 1950s group of so-called angry young men of British fiction, was acclaimed for his uncompromising social criticism and depiction of domestic tensions, often dubbed kitchen sink dramas. "He put somehow forgotten places at center-stage," British poet Ian MacMillan told the BBC. "He made the ordinary life into a kind of poetry." Recalling his own modest upbringing in Nottingham, central England, Sillitoe once recalled the smells of "leaking gas, stale fat, and layers of moldering wallpaper." In 2008, the author was bestowed with the freedom of Nottingham, an ancient ceremonial honor that allows recipients to drove sheep through the center of the city. In 2007, Sillitoe published "Gadfly In Russia," an account of four decades of travel through Russia.

AMERICAN FORESTS - quarterly nat’l mag w/stories & photographs about trees, forests, forestry issues, to foster appreciation for trees & forests & to offer a responsible, science-based discussion of the trends, issues, policies, & management of America's forest resources. Many depts to choose from. Guidelines:

AMERICAN HERITAGE MAGAZINE – the Nation's portal to American History, provides information on nearly 4,000 museums and historical societies nationwide, a collaboration between American Heritage and the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), whose organizational members are largely included in the system. Guidelines:

AMERICAN JOURNALISM REVIEW – nat’l mag covers all aspects of print, television, radio and online media. Publishes exciting features, strong opinions, lively articles and profiles. Every issue is packed with valuable information, continuing assessment of news and industry issues and much more. Guidelines:

AMERICAN PROFILE - celebrates the American spirit, audience is hometown America, generally communities with populations under 100,000. Stories spotlight the people, places and things that make America great. Guidelines:

ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE - looking for “character oriented” stories, those in which the characters, rather than science, provide the main focus for the reader’s interest. Serious, thoughtful, yet accessible fiction. Guidelines:

AIR & SPACE/Smithsonion – gen’l interest mag about flight, purpose is to enlighten and entertain. Its goal is to show readers, both the knowledgeable and the novice, facets of the enterprise of flight that they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. Emphasis is on the human rather than technological, on the ideas behind events, rather than a simple recounting of details. Guidelines:

HUNGER MOUNTAIN CREATIVE NONFICTION PRIZE – Deadline: Sept. 10, 2010 . Holds five contests annually, April, June Sept. Dec. Guidelines:

14th ANNUAL ROBERT FROST FOUNDATION POETY AWARD – Deadline: Sept 15, 2010. Guidelines:

WALT WHITMAN AWARD – to honor a poet's first book. Entry must be postmarked between Sept 15 & Nov 15, 2010. Guidelines:

8th GLASS WOMAN PRIZE – Deadline: Sept. 21, 2010. For a work of short fiction or creative non-fiction (prose) written by a woman. Subject is open, but must be of significance to women. Criterion is passion, excellence, authenticity in the woman’s writing voice.

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ONLINE WORKSHOP: Your Thesaurus Doesn’t Know Everything Sept 6 – 19, 2010

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