Saturday, June 20, 2009


MORE REASONS TO KEEP WRITING – BETTE DAVIS, age 81, actress. With a career spanning six decades, few in the history of film rival her longevity and appeal. Despite her failing health, she continued to act until her death. Her legacy continues. The Bette Davis Foundation provides financial assistance to promising young actors and actresses. Meryl Streep received the first Bette Davis Lifetime Achievement Award at Boston University in 1998.

2009 SUMMER SILVERSTREET PUBLICATIONS SHORT STORY COMPETITION - Deadline: Aug. 29, 2009. Short Fiction (2,500 words, max.) £200.00; Fee: £3.50

MIDNIGHT HOUR HALLOWEEN FICTION CONTEST - Deadline: Aug. 31, 2009. Entry fee: $15. Sponsored by $500 & publication. Guidelines:

ESQUIRE FICTION CONTEST, Canada – Deadline: Aug. 1, 2009. Short Stories, 4000/wds. For US and Canadian citizens aged 16+. $2,500. Winning story published in future issue of magazine. Guidelines:

FREELANCE JOBS 4U – Lists jobs daily. URL:

AESTHETICA CREATIVE WORKS COMPETITION, UK - Deadline: Aug. 31, 2009. Entry Fee: £10. Three categories, Artwork, Poetry and Fiction. Award: £500;

REVIEW FUSE POETRY CONTEST - Deadline: Aug. 31st, 2009. No entry fee. Prize: $50. Theme: A Bull Fighter. Guidelines:

ITALY MAGAZINE - a different angle on Italy, good fashion, gardening, style, sport, celebrity pieces, also unusual crafts and facts that people may not know about. Only considers submissions from writers who can supply unusual or interesting professional-quality photos to accompany the piece. 800/1200 wds. Query, indicating under which category of the magazine your article would go and how the feature would be illustrated. Include a brief summary of publications you have written for and attach a sample of your published writing. £100/1000/wds which includes two photos. Additional photos £35 each. Published in UK. Contact form to query:

OFF-LEAD & NATURAL PET - a pet mag for professional trainers and serious training aficionados, exhibitors, instructors, behavior therapists, groomers, kennel operators and pet care professionals world wide. Accepts articles that are related to the world of dogs, as long as the dogs are obedience trained with motivational methods, such as dance, carting, hunting, performance, freestyle, tricks, and competition. Features: 700/1200 wds. $0.10/wd. First North American rights. Guidelines:


PENNSYLVANIA ANGLER & BOATER - covers fishing and boating, the protection and conservation of the state's water resources. Buys 70/100 article/photo packages every year. $50/275. Rights vary. Guidelines:

SECOND CHANCE GARAGE - We pay for articles that appear in our magazine based on the interest level, the subject matter, length of the article. Prefers articles which are in-depth discussions of subjects that are helpful or are of interest to the auto restoration hobbyist. Articles to include photos [no people] with captions. Contact form to query:

SOLANDER MAGAZINE, UK - the official publication of The Historical Novel Society. Submissions of historical fiction are accepted, namely stories in which history is well-researched and woven into the plot. $150 (US dollars) or (UK pounds) for fiction. Only two new short stories are selected for publication in each issue. Writers who would like to pitch an article, interview, or other idea should email queries and pitches to: Guidelines:

STRANGE HORIZONS – Art, articles, poetry, fiction. $20/poem. Guidelines: