Friday, May 22, 2009


Have a great holiday weekend everyone. Stay safe, and remember our soldiers, those still fighting and those who gave their lives for this great country.

REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - OSBERT LANCASTER, age 77, artist, painter, writer, cartoonist, theater designer and humorist. Lancaster created a wide range of designs for the theater, opera and ballet. Lancaster loved to travel, to Greece, Italy, France, the Middle East and within his own British Isles. For the theater, Lancaster’s designs included Hotel Paradiso, Zuleika, Candide and All’s Well That Ends Well; and for opera, Don Pasquale, The Rake’s Progress, Falstaff and Peter Grimes. Lancaster wrote 23 books, including two volumes of autobiography; one of his many activities outside the theater was as adviser to the Greater London Council on its Historic Buildings Board.

DREAM QUEST ONE POETRY & WRITING CONTEST - Deadline: July 31, 2009. Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, style, or form, typed or neatly hand printed. And/or write a short story, 5 pgs/max, on any subject or theme, creative writing fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, diary, journal entries, screenwriting). Winners announced Aug. 31, 2009. Poetry Contest entry fee: $5 per poem. Guidelines: Rules:

THE MacGUFFIN - a fine literary journal, accepts poetry and fiction for consideration all year long. The MacGuffin, Schoolcraft College, 18600 Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI 48152-2696 URL: or

MARCO POLO PUBLICATIONS - targeted at travelers over 50 who still want to have an adventure. Greatest need is well-written articles about travel w/a tour group. Marco Polo Magazine's readers are 50+ travelers who prefer the convenience and excitement of a tour company. Articles range in length from 1500/3000 wds and must be accompanied by at least 7 high-quality photographs. 5/15 cts/wd. URL for list of publications:

WRITING ON WALLS AN ANTHOLOGY III - Deadline: Aug. 1, 2009. Entry Fee: $15. Story length: up to 3000 wds. Multiple entries are permitted, but must include entry fee for each story. 1st place: $200 + 4 bks; 2nd place: $150 + 3 bks; 3rd place: $100 + 2 bks; 4th place: $75 + 1 bk. For questions: In conjunction with The Storyteller Magazine, 2441 Washington Rd., Maynard, AR 72444. URL:

MASSAGE MAGAZINE - an internationally circulated trade publication for massage therapists and allied health professionals, in publication since 1985. Strives for comprehensive coverage of the art and science of massage therapy and related healing arts, with the goal of supporting our readers as they work to promote the benefits of healing touch. $400 for feature articles. Guidelines:

RURAL MISSOURI - publishes only stories w/a Missouri tie.Topics include agriculture, health care, education, transportation, technology, the environment, etc. Trend stories should be timely and of a statewide, rural nature. A photography-oriented publication, we are interested in stories which can be illustrated with strong photographs or artwork, particularly interested in authors with well-developed ideas for illustrating their stories or who are able to shoot pictures themselves. Max. length of a feature story 1000 wds. Query first, include brief information about yourself, your writing experience, and SASE. One-time publication rights. Guidelines:

MYSTERIES MAGAZINE - accepts unsolicited manuscripts related to historical/ancient mysteries, the paranormal, conspiracies, recent archaeological finds, lost treasure, UFOs, new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs, or the occult. Query first at Feature article approx. 3000/5000 wds although longer work will be considered [when writing historical articles include a list of reference material used in research]. Sidebar information, as well as graphics, including copyright-free illustrations and original photographs. North American serial rights . $.05/wd, $5/photograph/illustration. Guidelines:

OFF-LIT COMPETITION – Deadline: June 30, 2009. Short Stories/Nonfiction. Original creative fiction and nonfiction written in either English or Polish on any theme, 3000 wds/max. £100 & publication in an anthology. Two prizes, one for English and one for Polish submissions. Guidelines:

SWANWICK 2009 WRITERS SUMMER SCHOOL, UK - Aug. 8 - Aug. 14, 2009. The Swanwick has been captivating and inspiring writers for 61 years. Known simply as ‘Swanwick’ to writers the world over, the school is an un-missable opportunity to learn new skills or hone existing ones. From beginners to best-sellers, poets to playwrights, journalists to songwriters, this is THE school to attend if you are serious about writing. Info:

ONE STORY, USA - seeking previously unpublished literary fiction. If a story has only been published outside of North America, it will be considered. Submissions must be made using automated system. 3000/8000 wds. $100 + 15 contributor copies. First North American serial rights. Guidelines:

ON SPEC, Canada - looking for original, unpublished spec. fiction and poetry, fantasy, horror, ghost stories, fairy stories, magic realism, etc. In order to qualify for grants, we do have to maintain 80% Canadian content, which means it may take longer for a non-Canadian work to appear in the magazine than a Canadian work bought at the same time. Send your short stories [6000 wds/max], short-short stories [under 1000 wds] or poetry [100 lines max] $20/180. Guidelines:

ONTARIO FISHING NETWORK, Canada - Online fishing magazine & website. Articles range from basic how-it's-done pieces to carefully crafted fishing stories, providing practical information on outdoor destinations and activities while highlighting the gear and skills that make exploring Ontario enjoyable. Interested in articles, which are available for reprint on our site. Welcomes unsolicited manuscripts, photos or artwork. Queries to 500/650 wds. Non-exclusive e-rights to all material. $25/50. Guidelines:

OVERLAND EXPRESS, Australia - favors hard-hitting non-fiction articles w/a strong cultural or political analysis. Accepts poetry, fiction, memoir. Guidelines and online form:

Short Stories: Science fiction, fantasy and dark fantasy stories of up to 17,000 wds. $1,000 for first place. $750; $500. Guidelines: