Saturday, April 18, 2009


MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #124
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REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON, age 95, a French photographer, the father of modern photojournalism, an early adopter of 35 mm format, and the master of candid photography, who helped develop the "street photography" style that has influenced generations of photographers that followed. As a young boy, Cartier-Bresson owned a Box Brownie, using it for taking holiday snapshots. Cartier-Bresson spent more than 3 decades on assignment for Life and other journals, traveling without bounds, documenting some of the great upheavals of the 20th century: the Spanish civil war, the liberation of Paris in 1945, the 1968 student rebellion in Paris, the fall of the Kuomintang in China to the communists, the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the Berlin Wall, and the deserts of Egypt. Along the way he paused to document portraits of Sartre, Picasso, Colette, Matisse, Pound and Giacometti. But many of his most renowned photographs, such as Behind the Gare St. Lazare, are of ordinary daily life, seemingly unimportant moments captured and then gone.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: DIETING & FITNESS – Deadline: June 30, 2009. Eat less - exercise more! We have all heard these simple words but, in reality, dieting and staying fit require a lot of work. Tell us about your commitment to health and fitness. What changes did you make in your eating habits? What kind of an exercise program did you follow that made the difference? Were you still able to treat yourself to that occasional delicious piece of chocolate cake and stay in shape? The true stories in this book will inspire you, make you laugh, touch your heart, and let you know that you can do it. Guidelines:

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: NOT REALLY RETIRED – Deadline: June 30, 2009. This book will share humorous and fun stories from those who are actively enjoying their "senior years!" Tell us about your new careers, your volunteer work, your sports, your travels, and those things you always wanted to do that you are finally doing. Guidelines:

WRITE THIS MOMENT, UK - if you are you seeking freelance writing work, magazine commissions, staff writing vacancies, writing residencies, publishers requirements, creative writing markets and other paying writing opportunities, here is a Membership site w/jobs and opps for writers worldwide. URL:

INDIANA LIVING GREEN - small publication put out six times a year in Indianapolis. They cover most aspects of a sustainable lifestyle, such as gardening, homes, building, travel, transportation, fashion, energy, local food and wine, family and education. Articles slanted to the Indiana area are recommended but not always necessary. Articles in the 500-750 wd range written in Associated Press style featuring short sidebars and information resource boxes. Queries or completed articles should be sent to Rates begin around $75 for articles (negotiable). Guidelines: (under “about”)

PEDESTAL MAGAZINE - Poetry, flat $40; Fiction to 4000/wds, non-fiction to 6000/wds/0.05/wd. Book reviews to 1000/wds/0.02/wd. Guidelines & Ed. Calendar: (click on submit)

PENNY BLOOD - looking for articles on horror movies, retrospectives rather than reviews, light in tone. The more historical and/or philosophical insight the better. Our highest rates are for interviews. Non-fiction only. 3500/+wds. Up to $125. FNASR, non-exclusive reprint rights. Submissions by email only. Subject line: Submission, title of your piece. Text goes in body of email, no attachments. Nicholas Louras, Editor/Publisher URL:

SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK EXPO - self-publishing, trade publishing veteran Karen Mender and longtime book publicist Diane Mancher at One Potata Productions are launching a Self-Published Book Expo, a one-day show in New York on Nov. 7, 2009. It will highlight service companies along w/individual titles, and offer advice on marketing and publicity. INFO:

SO YOU WANT TO BE A PLAYWRITE - an informative site for anyone who has ever wanted to write scripts, screenplays. Covers all aspects of playwriting. Loaded with info. URL:

POPULAR SCIENCE - science, automobiles, the environment, recreation, electronics, the home, photography, aviation and space, and computers and software. Reporting on how these technologies work and what difference they will make in our readers' lives. Seeks stories that are up-to-the-minute in information and accuracy. Publishes stories ranging from hands-on product reviews to investigative feature stories, on everything from black holes to black-budget airplanes. Guidelines:

PERDIDO - seeks articles on management techniques, essays on social issues, investigative pieces, interviews/profiles, book excerpts, reviews on a variety of topics a common thread being the questioning of easy answers and examining issues from a socially-aware, progressive perspective. Readership is comprised mainly of CEOs, executive directors, vice presidents, and program directors of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Actively pursues diverse opinions/authors from many different fields. $.05/.07/wd, book reviews: flat rate $75. Guidelines:

RENAISSANCE MAGAZINE - seeks articles relating to that time period including historical articles, martial arts, travel, interviews w/artisans, articles on the SCA and related re-enactment groups, dragons, etc. Average 3000/wds, longer works will be considered. 10cts/published wd. Or $7.50 published page. Guidelines:

RUTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL, Vermont - looking for freelancers in its coverage area (Rutland, Windsor, southern Addison counties). Pay is by-the-inch basis. [802] 775-9500. (click on contact pg.)