Friday, March 20, 2009


MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #120
REASONS TO KEEP WRITING – AGATHA CHRISTIE, age 85, a prolific writer up to the year she died. She wrote 66 detective novels (including “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Death on the Nile”), 163 short stories, 19 plays, 4 nonfiction works (including her self-titled autobiography) and 6 romantic novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott. She killed off Poirot in her 1975 novel, “Curtain,” a death reported in a front-page obituary for Poirot in The New York Times on Aug. 6, 1975. She was fiercely protective of her characters.

I JUST FINISHED.COM - online book lover's community whose goal is to bring authors and readers together for the conversation of books. As well as creative, informed book reviews, readers can tune in to a conversational weekly podcast "Coffee with an Author," and participate in the "Featured Author" interactive interview on the homepage. The site also offers active forums, reader profiles and a weekly newsletter and blog. URL:

PITCHRATE.COM - pitch your book’s subject matter to journalists and list your expertise for journalists to find. URL:

PUBLICITY HOUND - If you need publicity for your book then check out this fantastic site. URL:

MEDIA BISTRO – Looking for promotion ideas? Here's advice/ideas on promoting oneself online these days: URL:

THIS ENGLAND, UK - want non-fiction about England's people and places, its natural beauty, towns and villages, traditions, odd customs, legends, folklore, surviving crafts, etc. 250/1500/wds. Submissions by snail mail only, with SASE or IRC's. No email subs. Material submitted is automatically considered for Evergreen and vice versa. £25/1000/wds; poems £5. URL:

EXPATICA, Netherlands - provides information, community and voice to English-speaking expatriates in Europe. Extensive knowledge of expatriate life and the issues that affect expats needed. 500/1000/wds. Also restaurant reviews, bars, cafes and shops 200/wds. Send query or the completed article. Simon Payn, Editorial Dir. Contact Link:

EVENT - publishes fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, mostly by Canadian writers (but is open to anyone writing in English). Looks for readability, style, well-handled characters and a strong, effective point of view; in poetry, they prefer the narrative and confessional modes. Submit 3 to 8 poems, or 2 short stories 5000/wds/max. each. $22/printed pg, w/min $25 for 1 pg and a max $500. Guidelines:

FAMILY BUSINESS MAGAZINE - focuses on the family aspect of businesses, and the business aspect of families, e.g. succession, estate planning, sibling rivalries, cousin jealousies, attracting and holding non-family talent, etc. Query: Barbara Spector, Exec. Editor Guidelines:

FILIPINAS MAGAZINE - stories of heroes, achievers, mavericks and leaders in the community. Always looking for freelancers from all parts of North America. Query first by regular mail or email, with samples. Editor: Contact page:

FRICTION ZONE - motorcycle publication distributed throughout California/parts of Nevada. Editorial focus on local travel, motorcycle information, rider safety. Publishes 15 feature articles/issue. Stories are assigned based on writers' proposals. Features: 800/1500/wds. $0.15/wd. Query: Guidelines:

GUAVA MAGAZINE - print travel magazine for women travelers who are strong, independent, who revel in the fruits of travel. 500/2000/wds. $25/100 depending on length. Send completed article or query to: Sabrina Sakata, Editor Guidelines:

HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE - independent voice of today's culture through provocative coverage of politics, arts and entertainment, news, fiction, fashion not found in mainstream media. Richard Stratton, Ed-in-Chief 10-15/cts/wd, Photos: Photos $25/300. First North American Rights. Guidelines: