Friday, February 20, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #116

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #116
"I have no retirement skills," says Bill Moyers, who ended his PBS career in 2004 and again in 2006, but returns with a new documentary series. "It's what I do," the 73-year-old Moyers said from his NY office recently. "It still gives me a thrill. It's the continuing excitement of serious journalism."

MyBusiness MAGAZINE - a guide to survival and success in this new small-business economy. We seek to highlight and celebrate the people and ideas making this movement a reality. That’s why the experiences of real small-business owners are essential to every story. Pays up to $1000 for lead articles. Guidelines :

RAY BRADBURY CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST - Deadline: March 20, 2009. Short Stories/Nonfiction. Ray Bradbury anticipated a trend (Farenheit 451) in which reality programming impacts our daily lives. Respond to this theme of social sedation/apathy brought on by the evolution of television by entering the newly revised 25th Annual Ray Bradbury Contest. Categories include responses through writing,visual arts or multimedia. Prize is $200 in each category for Waukegan residents and $100 for non-residents. Guidelines:

4 AND 20 - Short form poetry journal Four and Twenty invites submissions of poems fewer than 4 lines and containing fewer than 20 words (hence, Four and Twenty) for the April issue. All submissions are judged on the ability to create a vivid picture, evoke an emotional response, and use creative wordplay. All poetic forms welcome. No set theme. Deadline: March 31, 2009. Guidelines:

MY DAILY VISITOR - bimonthly publication of Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. Daily reflections, meditations based on the Scripture readings for the Catholic Mass of the day. Readers are Catholics, although the writing should be relevant to other Christians. We use Catholic writers only. $500 for a month's worth of meditations. Our writers have a full and up-to-date knowledge of Catholic practice and belief. Guidelines:

NORTH AMERICAN COUNTRY INNS, Canada - distributed throughout Canada and the US, the magazine spotlights various inns and B&Bs, including information about nearby attractions and related news. Writers' guidelines available by e-mail request. Pays $200(US$150) for 850/wd feature plus sidebars, $125US$85) for 500/wd column. All rights. The mag has four deadlines: Spring (Nov. 15th), Summer (Feb. 15th), Fall (May 15th) and Winter (July 15th)., 361 Jackson Street West, Unit 209, Hamilton, ON., L8P 1N2. Tel: 800-507-6196. Tel: 905-308-9962 Query editor: Contact page:

INTERNATIONAL RADIO PLAYWRITING COMPETITION, UK – Deadline: March 31, 2009. Scripts/Screenplays: Write a radio play of about 60 minutes in length on any subject. Prize: £2,500, a trip to London; the play will be aired by the BBC. Guidelines:

THE PEOPLE's FRIEND, Scotland- is the famous story magazine, buys hundreds of short stories every year.Then there are serials, run two at a time, because the readers enjoy a continued story. Payment on acceptance. The Peoples’s Friend, D C Thomson & Co., Ltd., 80 KINGSWAY EAST, DUNDEE DD4 8SL, Scotland. Guidelines:

PITTSBURGH MAGAZINE - tells the stories of life in our Pennsylvania community. All fields of human existence are fair game for story pitches, as long as they have some direct relation to the greater Pittsburgh region. $50/300. Guidelines:

PORTABLE MUSE - an e-journal that has been around for about three years now. We are interested in quality short fiction. We pay $25 for featured fiction [accepted fiction over 750 wds]; Authors retain all rights to any work. This is an excellent vehicle for beginning fiction writers to get their work looked at. Email us with any questions or comments as always and we look forward to the many new projects thrown our way. Stanley Tam, Editor Scroll down for info:

RIMproInsider - is a newsletter publisher in the commercial records management industry. Our articles serve individuals who manage corporate records, health records, financial and legal records for their companies and receive vendor services from records storage vendors, secure shredding companies as well as media and data vaults, imaging companies etc. We need short, focused, relevant, timely and accurate articles 300/500/wds. All Rights only. $0.05/wd max $25/article Articles can be submitted electronically in text format to Guidelines:

SEATTLE MAGAZINE - humorous essays on life in the Northwest to service pieces such as "Best Doctors" to investigative stories that offer insight to a local issue, it covers everything that makes our city uniquely cosmopolitan and uniquely Northwest. $250/1000. Guidelines:

SOUTH AMERICAN EXPLORER - 3000/5000 wds. $50 & one-year membership, or extending your existing membership one year. If you have an idea for an article, please send an email which includes a short summary, of no more than 500 words, about your idea to Guidelines: