Saturday, January 10, 2009

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #110

REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - SIMONE De BEAUVOIR, age 78, French author and philosopher. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography. She is now best known for her metaphysical novels. In 1979 she published ‘When Things of the Spirit Come First’, a set of short stories centered around and based upon important women to her earlier years. ‘Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre’ was published in 1981, when she was 73.

ROAD KING - Seeks nonfiction, columns/departments, photos/artwork. Subjects: Trucking, drivers and their rigs, equipment, history, travel destinations, humor. Guidelines:

AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB FICTION CONTEST - Deadline: Jan. 31, 2009. Short stories
2000 wds max short story on any subject but must feature an American Kennel Club registered breed. "No talking dogs please." PRIZE: $750, $500, $250; stories may be published in the magazines AKC Gazette and Family Dog

CHILDRENS PLAYMATE - Seeks nonfiction, fiction, fillers, photos/artwork. Subjects: Stories, articles, and activities with health-related themes. Guidelines:

TEXAS AUTHORS GROUP - TLA Cooperative Booth -- 2 Slots Available. TAG is looking for children's book authors and/or publishers to participate in a large Texas library Association booth in Houston, Texas, March 31 thru April 4, 2009. Also, a Cooperative Library Mailing, TAG is also looking for children's book authors and/or publishers to participate in a library mailing to 3000 children's book acquisitions librarians throughout the US. Deadline for copy is January 31, 2009 with the mailing date in early March 2009. For more information about the Texas Authors Group opportunities, please call 713-937-9184 or email

LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS – Red Engine Press booth planner Chistine Alexanians invites you to participate in our next LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books booth--the last weekend of April 2009--and/or any of the value-added programs aligned with the fair. 135,000+ visitors including readers, directors and producers are expected this year. The book-signing portion of the fair requires that you attend, the others do not. To see the 2008 video made by Rey Ybarra, see:"> Our group of authors will again be sponsoring a booth at the LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books on April 25, and 26, 2009. We focus on making a humdrum fair into a sizzling success and from past experience, we make changes every year based on what we learned the year before and the year before that. One hour (50 minutes to allow set up) signing segments cost $150 for the first and $100 for the second day. The fee includes display in the booth for the full two days. For cost, participation details and benefits of a cross-promotional booth like this: To participate send e-mail to Christine Alexanians: She can invoice you for PayPal or give you an address to send a check. Please put "LA Times Fair" in the subject line and please let her know the programs you would like to participate in so she will know how to bill you. She will then send you details for participation and answer other questions regarding this show. The booth promotion will be handled by Christine and Carolyn Howard-Johnson. All display only slots are sold out. Only poetry reading, short story reading and general signing spots are available. The booth will be under a different name this year. See: Carolyn Howard-Johnson

SANCTUARY ASIA - wildlife, conservation magazine out of India publishers articles related to environmental issues, profiles on various species, personal experience in national parks or with the land. Articles must include photos. Features: approx. 2000/wds. Guidelines:

SIERRA CLUB MAGAZINE - looking for strong, well-researched, literate writing on significant environmental/conservation issues. Features focus on aspects of the Sierra Club's conservation wk, national or international significance; local issues, adventure travel pieces that weave events, discoveries, environmental insights into the narrative, nonfiction essays on the natural world. Pays up to $4000 for feature articles. Query by snail mail.

SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE - 700/wds/humor to 4000/wds/full-length feature, to fall within Smithsonian Institution interests: cultural history, physical science, art/natural history. We are always looking for offbeat subjects and profiles. 2-month lead time. Up to $1500. First North American Serial Rights. Guidelines:

SURFER - about surfing lifestyle. 15-25 cts/wd + photos. First North American Serial Rights. Request guidelines, Query Editor:

LOST TREASURE - buys articles, photographs and cartoons that meet editorial guidelines. Guidelines:

RIVER HILLS TRAVELER - looking for stories specific to area. Who, what, where, how, HERE! "Here" is the southeast quarter of Missouri, the east and central Ozarks, stories that relate an adventure and causes a reader to relive a similar adventure of his own, or to consider embarking on a similar adventure. Contact editor. URL:

ROSE & THORN E-ZINE - stories, poetry, articles needed. Token $5. Guidelines:

RUSSIAN LIFE, USA - looking at Russia for Americans. Covers Russian culture, travel, history, politics, art, business, society. Many articles written by freelance Russian writers. Most stories will be between 2000-5000 words in length and authors receive $100-300. Photos are paid for additionally, from $20-40 per photo. RL typically acquires first English language rights and non-exclusive electronic rights, however in some instances will purchase all rights. Guidelines:

WARNINGS FOR WRITERS LISTS - Here are some very important websites to look at and bookmark if you want to avoid publishing pitfalls and unscrupulous publishers. and One warning holds true NEVER PAY A READING FEE and be wary of agents who nickel and dime you to death over charging for copies, postage, etc. This is the cost of business that THEY should absorb from THEIR fees, not yours; that’s what they are getting paid for. Another source of unreliable payers for freelance writers is

PREDITORS & EDITORS READERS POLL - has just opened up for 2009 at This is a great chance to vote for you favorite books, BLOG, etc. from 2008. There are several categories where you can vote, so make sure to select one from each. If you find this blog useful, please nominate. Thank you.