Friday, December 5, 2008

MORE BITS & PIECES FOR Writers/Authors #106

REASONS TO KEEP WRITING - RAY BRADBURY, age 80, and still going strong, one of the most prolific writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Many of Bradbury's stories and novels have been adapted to films, radio, television, theater and comic books. Ray Bradbury still writes daily and occasionally lectures. At an age when most men rest on their laurels, Bradbury remains a dynamic storyteller and contributor of "obvious answers to impossible futures.".

BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY, UK - magazine aimed at showcasing the best in black and white photography, pub'd 13 times a year. Seeks illustrated articles on both film and digital photographic and printing techniques. Subjects covered can be, equipment choices, development/post-processing, film/paper combinations, and similar. Aims to strike a balance between inspiration and information, traditional and digital. Also runs a regular photo journalistic 'Gallery' feature. Up to 15 images for photo journalistic feature. Submit sample prints and/or synopsis by mail only. GPB100 for 'Gallery' feature. Others according to subject and use. Ailsa McWhinnie, Editor. Guidelines:

CHOICE, UK - monthly general-interest mag for the over-50s. Accepts real-life stories, and articles on hobbies, interesting (older) people, British heritage and countryside, health matters, reviews of books and films, and similar. No articles on legal rights and money matters as these are written by magazine's experts. Submissions by postal mail only. Include copies of cuttings if new contributor. Paying market; Rates negotiable. Norman Wright, Editor. Request Guidelines. URL:

VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW - Seeks nonfiction, fiction, columns/departments, fillers. Subjects: Book excerpts, essays, general interest, historical/nostalgic, humor, inspirational. Pays on publication. Guidelines:

LINKEDIN - the business-oriented social networking site, has grown to over 30 million registered users. With reporters and editors from key media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Inc. and Fast Company, actively using LinkedIn, it's a great place to reach out and make solid, meaningful connections with potential key media for your brand or company. URL:

DAMAZINE, SYRIA - An online quarterly literary journal published out of Damascus, Syria. Aims to "... become the treasure house for quality literature related to the Muslim world." Focuses on authors who have strong connections with the Muslim world in the largest sense whilst striving to present a rainbow of themes and writing styles.Their biggest criterion is quality. Seeks poetry, fiction and essays (but not political analysis or abstract theory). Submissions must be previously unpublished and in English. Poetry: Up to 5 poems per submission. Fiction: 1,000-5,000 words. Open to submissions throughout the year. Submit with text in the body of an email message or as a Word attachment, to the appropriate address specified in the guidelines. USD25 per fiction piece or essay. USD10 per poem. Serene Taleb-Agha, Editor-in-Chief

SWEDISH BOOK REVIEW, UK - Published twice a year, together w/supplement, this journal aims to present Swedish literature to the English-speaking world in non-academic style. Accepts submissions from both members and non-members. Will consider topical articles in English about Swedish and Finland-Swedish writers, or English translations of their work. Also gives some coverage of older Swedish literature, and to non-fiction. Submissions should be previously unpublished. 500 wds. to 4000. May ask to shorten submissions due to space requirements. Prefers material submitted on disk, or as an e-mail attachment. GBP40 per 1000 wds. for previously unpub'd material. First European publications rights.

MY BUSINESS MAGAZINE - "Upfront" a section of short (200/400/wds) stories offering insight into new small business economy. Depts: Finance, Selling, Dotcom, Balance, Managing, Mrktg and Idea Network. "Where I Do My Best Work" is 300/wd. profile of small business owner who works in an unusual place (porch, train, standing up). "One Mistake I'll Never Make Again" 300/wd. description of a mistake a small business owner made/what they learned. "MyBusiness Manual" in-depth exploration of key issues affecting small business. See Ed’l calendar for topic each issue. "MySay" first-person column written by small business owner on the topic of their choice. We are looking for writers w/personality, humor for 500/wd column. Guidelines:

NATIVE PEOPLES MAGAZINE - seeks stories reflecting Native life throughout the Americas, from Arctic Circle to southern tip of Chile, though our prime focus is on the U.S. We strive to include a diverse mix of topics, from serious to the entertaining, including artist/other personality profiles, events, issues reflecting today's Native peoples. Submit a brief outline of your proposed subject via mail or e-mail (e-mail is preferred). 25cts/wd. Works a min of 6 mths in advance, plan year in advance. Guidelines:

FILBERT PUBLISHING – great free newsletter to subscribe to. Check out the other links too. URL:

NORTHWEST PALATE - devoted to food, wine, travel, lifestyles in Pacific Northwest. Readers are well-read, well-traveled, knowledgeable about food and wine. Pays 25 cts/wd +. Guidelines:

NOTRE DAME MAGAZINE - view samples online + list of staff mem. First serial and electronic rights. Comparable fees of nat’l pubs. Copy is subjected to rigorous editing. Generally we follow AP style. Manuscripts should be typed/double-spaced. Completed stories should be sent on 3.5-inch floppy disks in Word Perfect or ascii w/hard copy included. Guidelines:

GULF COAST WRITER’S ASSOCIATION CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Deadline: March 15, 2009. No entry fee. Looking for short fiction for their second GCWA anthology. $25 or two free copies to contributors whose work is selected for one-time publishing rights. All rights revert to authors upon puclication. Stories must be set in the South and clearly capture a southern tone. Themes might include comng-of-age, family relationships, fittin in, social life, dreams/aspirations. Info:

WILDBIRD MAGAZINE - Seeks nonfiction, photos/artwork. Subjects: Birding stories and photos. Pays on publication. Guidelines:

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